case studies: coastal systems

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Major Coastal Storm
The last two major storm surges o...,
The three main causes of storm were,
The storm led to cliff top homes ...
7  cards
Climate change: impacts on the coast
Benbecula is an island in,
People live on benbecula,
By 2080 the sea level rise is pre...
8  cards
Weathering: Holderness coastline
The holderness coastline has a ba...,
Aroundm of land is lost a year or...,
Freeze thaw weathering resulting ...
5  cards
Types of weathering
Types of mechanical weathering are 3,
Freeze thaw weathering is when,
Salt crystallisation is when
12  cards
Thames barrier
The thames barrier was opened in ...,
The barrier was designed to prote...,
The barrier is made up of gates w...
10  cards
SMP6: East Norfolk
Smp stands for,
Bacton gas terminal handles of te...,
A million sand scaping project wa...
12  cards
Coastal landscape: Odisha Coastline
Mangrove forests can reduce the h...,
Of the coastline undergoes erosion,
Overspecies of bird can be found ...
14  cards
Coastal landscape: Holderness Coast
Describe the shape and characteri...,
The average erosion rate for sc2 is,
The erosion rate for bridlington ...
9  cards
Hard engineering: Heysham and Morecambe
Heysham and morecambe are located...,
The section of coastline iskm long,
The four options for management were
12  cards
Soft engineering: Formby Point on the Sefton Coast
Protection was needed because,
The sand dunes arelong and betwee...,
Formby point is north of
5  cards
Malta Azure Window
The world famous azure window roc...,
The arch was made of,
The cause of the collapse was mos...
3  cards
Dorset coast: concordant and discordant
The section cove of dorset,
Concordant coastlines are where t...,
Discordant coastlines are where t...
8  cards
Emergent features: Isle of Arran
The 3 types of emergent features ...,
Eustatic fall is when,
Isostatic rise is when
6  cards
Submergent features: Dalmatian Coast and Norway
3 submergent features are,
Rias form along the dalmatian coa...,
The dalmatian coast in croatia is...
5  cards
Tectonic sea level change
The sumatra tsunami occurred in,
The earthquake had a magnitude of,
The northern section of indonesia...
7  cards
Coastal Processes
The four sources of energy in coa...,
What is a high energy coast and w...,
What is a low energy coast and wh...
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