ccma: lesson 9: the special senses: the eyes and ears

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Chapter 1: Introduction
In the eye what does the rods and...,
In the ear what does the hair do,
How are sight and hearing possible
3  cards
Chapter 2: Word parts of the Eyes and Ears
What does the combining form acou...,
What does the combining form audi...,
What does the combining form blep...
16  cards
Chapter 2: Prefixes of the Eyes and Ears.
What does the prefix bi mean,
What does the prefix intra mean,
What does the prefix peri mean
4  cards
Chapter 2: Suffixes of the Eyes and Ears
What does the suffix algia mean,
What does the prefix cusis mean,
What does the prefix itis mean
11  cards
Chapter 2: Listenig to learn
What is adnexa,
What is astigmatism,
What is barotrauma
25  cards
Chapter 2: Other terms of the Special Senses
What is accommodation,
What is cerumen,
What is depth perception
11  cards
Chapter 2: Abbreviations and Acronyms of the Eyes and Ears
What does ad,
What as mean,
What au mean
14  cards
Chapter 3: Structures of the Eyes
The human eyeball sits in a prote...,
What does the eyelids and eyelash...,
Why does the blinking spreads a f...
42  cards
Chapter 3: How we see
What does the location of the eye...,
What are the 3 layers of the eye,
What is the sclera
21  cards
Chapter 4: Conjunctivitis
What is the conjunctiva,
What does the conjunctiva cover,
What does the conjunctiva becomes...
9  cards
Chapter 4: Cataracts
When does cataract usually occurs,
What are the symptoms of cataracts,
How long does cataracts take to d...
9  cards
Chapter 4: Glaucoma
What is one of the world s leadin...,
Glaucoma is caused by,
What does the buildup of aqueous ...
5  cards
Chapter 5: Human Ear
Why are ears important,
What are the sections of the ear,
What is the medical term for the ...
34  cards
Chapter 5: How We Hear
As sound waves enter the ear they...,
What is the central part of the e...,
As the malleus vibrates it transm...
7  cards
Chapter 6: Otitis Media (OM)
What is otitis media,
Acute otitis media can result fro...,
How is an acute otitis media infe...
11  cards
Chapter 6: Vestibular Disorder
What does the vestibular system i...,
How does vestibular disorders can...,
What are the two common symptoms ...
11  cards
Chapter 6: Motion Sickness
How does the brain senses movemen...,
What happens is the brain gets si...,
What happens when you are reading...
5  cards

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ccma: lesson 9: the special senses: the eyes and ears

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