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Where can you find endorsements a...,
How long until a student pilot wo...,
How long is a temporary cert vali...
51  cards
Flight By Reference To Instruments
Three fundamental instrument skills,
16  cards
IFR Flight Plan/Procedures
No person may operate an aircraft...,
Can you fly ifr in uncontrolled a...,
Benefits of an instrument rating
24  cards
What is the mea,
What is the moca,
What is the mora
38  cards
IFR Preflight Checklists
Personal documents required for f...,
Aircraft requirements required fo...,
Aircraft maintenance inspections
9  cards
IFR Requirements
When can you log instrument time,
When can an instructor log instru...,
To meet recent instrument experie...
12  cards
Configuration For Maneuvers
Steep turns,
Power off stall,
9  cards
V Speeds
13  cards
Maneuvers and TOLs
What needs to be done before ever...,
Clean configuration flow,
Landing configuration
13  cards
Emergencies and Briefings
What needs to be done before ever...,
Passenger brief upon getting into...,
Taxi instructions
12  cards
Skyhawk Systems
What kind of engine does our 172r...,
How does ignition work,
Engine lubrication system
14  cards
Minimum endorsement to solo a stu...,
61193 c 3
37  cards
Endorsements For CFI Checkride
Endorsement for fundamentals of i...,
Flight instructor ground and flig...,
Practical test prerequisites
5  cards
Characteristics of stable air,
Characteristics of unstable air,
Low pressure system
41  cards
Vfr fuel requirements
7  cards
Airspace Requirements
Class d,
Vfr takeoff minimums,
Class a
8  cards
How do you teach collision avoidance,
Aircraft right of way,
How do you teach your student to ...
27  cards
What is human behavior,
106  cards

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