chemistry paper 1

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Atomic and Electron Structure, Periodic Table and Ionisation Energy (2.1, 2.2, 5.1, 7.1, 7.2)
What are isotopes,
Describe the atomic structure,
What is the relative isotopic mass
86  cards
Structure and Bonding, Shapes and IM forces (5.2,5.3, Chapter 6 + 7.3)
What is covalent bonding,
What is the name for a covalent c...,
What happens to the electronic co...
112  cards
Calculations, Formulae and Relative Mass (2.3 + Chapter 3)
From mass to moles,
Units of n,
Units of m
53  cards
Enthalpy (Chapter 9)
What is the equation for energy c...,
What is the mass in the equation ...,
What is the c in the equation for...
43  cards
Enthalpy and Entropy (Chapter 22)
What is the definition of lattice...,
Give an example of a lattice enth...,
Is lattice enthalpy exothermic or...
50  cards
Acids and Redox (Chapter 4)
What do all acids contain,
Define an acid,
What happens when an acid is diss...
52  cards
Reactivity Trends (Chapter 8)
What is the name for the group 2 ...,
How are group 2 metals found,
What is a general formula for the...
57  cards
Redox Equations and Titrations (Chapter 23.1, 23.2, 23.3)
What is reduction,
What is oxidation,
What is the oxidation number of a...
41  cards
Qualitative Analysis (Chapters 8.3, 24.5 and 29.1)
What is qualitative analysis,
Describe the carbonate test,
What are the two equations for th...
28  cards
Equilibrium (Chapter 10.4, 10.5 + Chapter 19)
What 2 things must be true in an ...,
What is a word to describe equili...,
Why do the concentrations of reac...
69  cards
Rates of Reactions (Chapter 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 + Chapter 18)
What is the rate of a reaction,
What does the rate of reaction show,
What is the equation for rate
64  cards
Electrode Potentials (Chapter 23.4, 23.5, 23.6)
What is a voltaic cell,
What is required for a voltaic cell,
What does a half cell contain
56  cards
Transition Elements (Chapter 24.1, 24.2 and 24.3)
Where are the d block elements lo...,
What are the d block elements in ...,
What is true about the 3d sub she...
56  cards
Transition Metal Reactions (Chapter 24.4 and 24.5)
What is a ligand substitution rea...,
What happens when cuso4 is dissol...,
What happens when an excess of nh...
63  cards
Transition Metal Colours
What colour is cu h2o 6 2,
What colour is cr h2o 6 3,
What colour is cu nh3 4 h2o 2 2
25  cards
Acids, Bases and pH (Chapter 20)
Describe the arrhenius model abou...,
What is an alkali,
Define a bronsted lowry acid
52  cards
Buffers and Neutralisation (Chapter 21)
What is a buffer solution,
What are the two components of a ...,
What are the two ways to prepare ...
43  cards
Organic Practical Techniques
What do you need to carry out an ...,
What 5 things does a basic set of...,
Why are many organic reactions he...
56  cards

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