cib 007 - sexual offences - 05/22 - nhdj27

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Sexual Violation by Rape
Section and penalty,
22  cards
Invalid Consent
Legislation 128a for reference pu...,
Lack of protest or resistence,
Force threat or fear of force
11  cards
Sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection
Section and penalty,
19  cards
Attempted sexual violation
Attempts to commit sexual violati...,
17  cards
Sexual Conduct with a Child Under 12
Section and penalty,
Sexual connection
20  cards
Sexual Conduct with a Young Person Under 16
Section and penalty,
Sexual connection
18  cards
Indecent Assault
Section and penalty,
R v leeson
23  cards
Other Sexual Offences
Sexual violation penalty provisio...,
Sexual conduct by coercionelements,
Sexual conduct by coercionkinds o...
28  cards
Complainant s character s44 evide...,
S44 is subject to what rule,
Privacy as to witnesses precise a...
19  cards
Child Protection Investigation Policy and Procedures
Assault on a childelements,
Parental control,
Ill treatment or neglect of child...
80  cards
CP policy and procedures - acronyms and pictures
What are some examples of neglect,
What are the three areas to consi...,
What are some actions that would ...
30  cards
Adult Sexual Assault Investigation Policy and Procedures
Asa principles,
Victim defined,
Who does asa policy and procedure...
52  cards
ASAI policy and procedures - acronyms and pictures
Pev d vcsow rar p egcslpt aae
22  cards
Progress test 1
List the,
What are the penalty provisions f...,
Define the term genitalia
7  cards
Progress test 2
Discuss the statutory defence for...,
Define sexual conduct with a chil...,
Discuss whether a 16 year old gir...
4  cards
Progress test 3
List three grounds on which a dir...,
Discuss the requirement under reg...,
List three ways under s105 that a...
3  cards
Progress test 4
It is important to preserve trace...,
List the points you would cover w...,
When interacting with victims of ...
7  cards
Strictly Liabilities
Assault with intent to commit sex...
8  cards

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cib 007 - sexual offences - 05/22 - nhdj27

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Sexual Offences
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