clase de ingles | navle nov. 2023

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Chapter 1: Clinical Pathology: Clinical Chemistry
- Evaluation of Renal Function - Fluids and Acid-Base Metabolism - Electrolyte Metabolism - Evaluation of the Liver - Evaluation of the Pancreas - Evaluation of Digestion and Intestinal Absorption - Evaluation of Serum and Plasma Proteins - Detection of Muscle Injury - Evaluation of Lipids - Evaluation of Glucose Metabolism - Evaluation of Laboratory Data
227  cards
Chapter 2: Clinical Pathology: Cytology
- Inflammation - Neoplasia or Hyperplasia - Infectious Agents
58  cards
Chapter 3: Clinical Pathology: Hematology
- Complete Blood Count (Requires Sample Collected Into an EDTA Tube) - Classification of Anemia - Polycythemias - Leukocyte Responses -Bone Marrow Evaluation
36  cards
Chapter 4. Dentistry
- Canine and Feline Dentistry - Lagomorph and Rodent Dentistry - Equine Dentistry
45  cards
Chapter 5: Diagnostic Imaging
- General Principles of Imaging - Small Animal Orthopedics - Small Animal Thoracic - Small Animal Abdominal - Large Animal Orthopedics - Ultrasound
90  cards
CASE STUDY: Renal Failure in a Laborador Retriever
11  cards
Chapter 6: Food Safety
Filthy d,
5  cards
Chapter 7: Necropsy Techniques
Cleft d,
Cheiloschisis p,
31  cards
CASE STUDY: Feline Hyperthyroidism
Cardiomyopathy p,
Bilateral hyperthyroidism,
Benign p
7  cards
Chapter 8: Ophthalmology
Squinty d,
Stti d,
Notch d
18  cards
Chapter 9: Pharmacology
1  cards
Equine Vocabulary: Nutrition
Ad libitum,
Alfalfa a flowering perennial pla...,
Amino acids
59  cards
Equine Vocabulary: Anatomy + Related Terms
Defintion frog,
What does the frog protect on a h...,
What is thrush in horses
4  cards
Toxic Plants
Basal leaves d,
Racemes d,
Toothed margin d
9  cards

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clase de ingles | navle nov. 2023

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