clinical conditions

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3. Metabolism
What is galactosaemia,
What is classic galactosaemia,
How can classic galactosaemia lea...
91  cards
5. MSK
What is kyphosis,
How can kyphosis be corrected,
What is lordosis
174  cards
1. MGD
What is amyloidosis,
What is the result of amyloidosis...,
What causes sickle cell anaemia
32  cards
6. CVS
What is cardiac tamponade,
What causes cardiac tamponade,
How is cardiac tamponade treated
112  cards
2. TOB
What is an ectopic pregnancy,
What are the complications of ect...,
What is placenta praevia
53  cards
7. MoD
What is rhabdomyolysis,
What are the consequence of rhabd...,
What is a1 antitrypsin deficiency
210  cards
4. MR
What is hereditary spherocytosis,
How are hereditary spherocytosis ...,
What is hereditary eliptocytosis
28  cards
10. Respiratory
What is decompression sickness,
What is respiratory distress synd...,
How is respiratory distress syndr...
117  cards
9. Urinary
What is renal agenesis,
What causes renal agenesis,
What is wilms tumour
130  cards
8. Infection and Immunity INCOMPLETE
How does neisseria meningitidis s...,
Is neisseria meningitidis gram po...,
How does neisseria meningitidis i...
71  cards
11. Gastrointestinal
What is an appendicitis,
What is the presentation of appen...,
When does appendicitis cause peri...
204  cards
12. Head and Neck
Where can infection of the superf...,
Where can infection of the retrop...,
Where can infection of the danger...
73  cards
13. Reproductive INCOMPLETE got to 6.5 LUSUMA notes
What is amenorrhoea,
What is the difference between pr...,
What is oligomenorrhoea
44  cards

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