clinical pharmacology and intro to prescribing

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Clinical Trials
Positives and negatives you can s...,
What does a clinical trial do,
Definition of clinical trial
50  cards
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
What type of drug is able to act ...,
What is the clinical importance o...,
What organisations must assess a ...
92  cards
Hypertension and Antihypertensives
What is bp,
What are phenylalkylamines,
What is the equation for mean art...
95  cards
Diuretics and HF
What are diuretics broad mechanis...,
What medical conditions are diure...,
Common adverse drug effects of di...
53  cards
Drug Of The Day
13  cards
Where does most cholesterol come ...,
What is cholesterol used for,
Which cholesterol is known as bad...
65  cards
Pharmacoviligence and Pharmacogenetics
What is pharmacoviligence,
Why is pharmacoviligence important,
Two organisations involved with p...
42  cards
Reproduction pharmacology
3 drug groups of repro health wit...,
What are sex steroids derived from,
Examples of sex steroids
55  cards
Antiarrhythmics - for class I-IV use CVS drug if this helps
How must the heart muscle behave ...,
What parts of ecg are representat...,
What is an arrhythmia
77  cards
Antiarrhythmics Questions at end
Which drugs can be used in atrial...,
Should flecainide be used alone i...,
Which iv drug for vt
7  cards
Diabetes CPT
What type of hormone is insulin,
When is insulin secreted 3,
Half life of insulin
37  cards
Diabetes Type 2 Treatments
What overall is the pathway of t2...,
When is t2dm often diagnosed,
Management for t2dm
46  cards
Examples of thromboembolic diseases,
Thrombus vs embolus,
Venous thrombosis characteristics...
58  cards
Stats in EBM
What is incidence,
What is prevalence,
What is risk ratio
16  cards
Reviews of Evidence
Two types of studies,
Types of observational studies,
Types of experimental trials
31  cards
What are prostanoids,
Examples of prostanoids,
How are prostanoids synthesised
63  cards
Diseases that immunosupressants t...,
What is rheumatoid arthiritis,
Underlying cause of ra
42  cards
Define pain,
What are the 3 stimuli that 1st o...,
2 types of fibres that are primar...
17  cards
Different types of opiates and ex...,
What are opioids,
What does codeine get metabolised...
32  cards
Respiratory pharmacology
What is asthma,
What do airways look like in asthma,
What symptoms does asthma exacerb...
53  cards
GI pharmacology
Where do you experience pain for ...,
When can ulcers be asymptomatic,
What are some possible complicati...
37  cards
What is vomiting emesis,
What are the steps that occur thr...,
What co ordinates the gi tract ac...
57  cards
Antiemetics part 2 (from slide 27)
What is used to treat pregnancy i...,
What is used to treat chemotherpa...,
What are the two things that stim...
34  cards
Where do chemotherapy agents come...,
What is an example of a molecular...,
Benefits of molecular targeting
60  cards
Which pathology is targeted by an...,
Function of anticoagulant drugs,
How are coagulation factors prese...
50  cards
Epilepsy 1
What is involved in balancing act...,
Key excitatory and inhibitory neu...,
What receptor ions and response i...
34  cards
Epilepsy 2
What are examples of na channel b...,
How do sodium channel blockers wo...,
What else is carbamazepine used for
46  cards
Neuropharmacology - Parkinsons
Two neurological conditions that ...,
What is the clinical course of id...,
What is the pathology involved in...
47  cards
Neuropharmacology - Myasthenia Gravis
What occurs in myasthenia gravis,
What is myasthenia gravis charact...,
What does fatiguable in myastheni...
11  cards
How can anaesthesia be used broadly,
How can general anaesthesia be de...,
How else can local anaesthesia be...
54  cards
Which abx do you prescribe for a ...,
What is usual management for lowe...,
Mechanism of action of nitrofuran...
35  cards
What can be poisonous,
Examples of pharmacological toxic...,
Examples of secondary pharmacolog...
33  cards

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clinical pharmacology and intro to prescribing

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