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The gynecomastia and spider telan...,
The splenic artery originates fro...,
Pbc can lead to _________ whereas...
13  cards
6/21/23 review
Coffin lid shaped crystals are fo...,
Envelope or dumbbell shaped cryst...,
Hexagonal shaped crystals are for...
7  cards
6/23/23 Review
Leporacy sx 3,
Heliotrope rash and gottron papul...
18  cards
6/26/23 Review
Negative predictive value,
Central diabetes insipidus is d t,
How do you differentiate central ...
25  cards
Mural thrombus,
Presentation of esophageal perfor...,
Unique features that can help dif...
19  cards
What is a key difference in schiz...,
Lacunar infarcts are most frequen...,
The blood brain barrier is formed...
4  cards
Define attack rate of disease,
Volume of distribution vd,
Stage 2 of sleep is a non rapid e...
5  cards
Interleukin 6 is the major mediat...,
Irinotecan can be used in the tre...,
How is the pathophysiology differ...
5  cards
Decreasing arterial pressure ie b...,
Exudative pleural effusions are s...,
Labs for exudative vs transudativ...
14  cards
A precise test is,
In people aged 45 to 64 years the...,
What does this radioactive iodine...
15  cards
Companies cannot require genetic ...,
Typical bacterial pneumonia usual...
2  cards
Why does aspirin cause pud 2,
Sensitivity is the same as true p...,
Specificity is the same as true n...
3  cards
Amas opinion on reporting suspect...
1  cards
How do vaccines affect disease pr...,
Enuresis can be diagnosed once be...,
The correlation coefficient r is ...
5  cards
Shoulder distocia in a newborn du...,
Lowering the test threshold for a...,
Melanoma is usually due to which ...
5  cards
Tests used for the diagnosis of d...,
How is men iia men iib similair,
How is men iia men iib different
13  cards
Which obligate intra celluar orga...,
Wheezing and crackles on lung aus...,
Which 2 arteries bifurcate from t...
6  cards
Bacterial conjugation is done via,
Patients with hyperaldosteronism ...,
Hemolytic anemia pancytopenia and...
14  cards
Triad of vitamin d toxicity,
Pre surgery medication for transp...,
Which rx is a prostaglandin analo...
8  cards
List the 3 chromosomal deletion s...,
The vitelline arteries give rise ...
32  cards
Which disease has a bcr abl1 is a...,
Rx for cml,
Corynebacterium diphtheriae cause...
28  cards
During flexion at the sbs the syn...,
Thermoregulatory center is locate...,
Ischemia hypoxic conditions in th...
39  cards
A number of metabolic pathways ar...,
5 clinical features of abetalipop...
59  cards
Are found in more than 50 of pati...,
What is a key difference in the p...,
Hydrochloroquine tx ra and also
15  cards
Moro reflex,
Galant reflex,
Parachute response
5  cards
What is a contraindication of adm...,
Which structures are contained wi...,
Which structures are contained wi...
8  cards
Struma ovarii
1  cards
Fryette type i,
Freyett type ii sd,
What are the only 2 active treatm...
11  cards
What is the difference between ch...,
Wwhat is the difference in presen...,
_________ forward backward torsio...
4  cards
Delayed type hypersensitivity aka...
45  cards
Coagulase test distinguishes,
Forward sacral torsions are assoc...,
Why does digoxin cause gynecomastia
19  cards
Schmidt disease manifests as,
Which phase of the cell cycle is ...,
Carvedilol is a non selective b b...
19  cards
Neurofibromatosis is a mutation i...,
S100 tumor marker is found in,
Gfap tumor marker is found in whi...
35  cards
How is post isometric relaxation ...,
How does post isometic relaxation...,
10  cards
Define asymptomatic bacteriuria,
Tx for asymptomatic bacteriuria i...,
Tx for pyelonephritis upper uti i...
61  cards
Why does perimenopause present w ...,
Although estrogen drop is the mai...,
A rise in and decline in triggers...
17  cards
Which types of hepatits have a fe...,
Sexually transmitted hepatitis,
Hep c is contracted via 3
25  cards
Where are mitral valve murmurs ar...,
Seborrheic keratosis bx will show,
Beckwith wiedemann syndrome findi...
21  cards
5  cards
Name the 4 diseases of collagen s...
1  cards
What is a kaposi sarcoma lesion,
Name this lesion
2  cards
B&B - Neuro vertebrobasilar strokes
Cause of cavernous sinus syndrome,
Sx cavernous sinus syndrome,
Aca stroke causes sx in the
38  cards
B&B - Intracranial Bleeding
Sx of icp,
Exam findings icp,
Cushing s triad
41  cards
B&B Autonomic Nervous System
Which receptor is targeted for an...,
All action carried out by parasym...,
Sweat gland receptor types
33  cards
B&B - Norepinephrine
Which rx activate all adrenergic ...,
Which rx activate b1 and b2 recep...,
Why dose isoproterenol increase h...
27  cards
B&B - Acetylcholine
Major role of ach in the body,
Nicotinic receptors location,
Organophosphates cause
22  cards
B&B - Autonomic Receptors
Ne is made from,
Negative fb receptors on the pre ...,
Which pre synaptic receptor incre...
15  cards
B&B - Eye
2 muscles of the iris,
Miosis pns control nerve pathway,
Rule of the pupil
111  cards
B&B - Anesthetics
How is lipid and blood solubility...,
Which situation is no contraindic...,
Inhaled anesthetics end in
22  cards
DM - Autonomics
All sensory receptors are large m...,
Which sensory receptors adapt slo...,
All sensory receptors send inform...
6  cards
B&B Neuro pathology
Which layer of meninges is not pi...,
Normal opening pressure,
Cells found in spinal tap for bac...
16  cards
Id the conduction block in the to...,
Why do patients on maois need to ...,
Auto antibodies to pre synaptic v...
20  cards
Antibodies a w hashimoto s,
Lab findings for iron deficiency ...,
Type iia dyslipidemia is aka
16  cards
Normal anion gap,
2 ways to l,
5 causes of non anion gap metabol...
15  cards
Which medication can cause cyanop...,
Which 2 conditions present w colo...,
Lynch syndrome is d t lof
18  cards
Hyperacute min hrs later transpla...,
Acute transplant rejection is d t,
Chronic transplant rejection is d t
18  cards
2 rx that tx er positive breast c...,
Rx for her 2 positive breast cancer,
Brown sequard syndrome location o...
15  cards
I cells release,
In portal hypertension that leads...,
3  cards
Tx for schizotypal pd,
Omt tx poor suckling reflex,
Cystic swelling of the chorionic ...
11  cards
Rx that halts dna synthesis by in...,
How do you re produce pain of pla...,
Histology finding a w dementia al...
19  cards
Pathoma: Cell Injury & GI
Ebstein s anomaly,
Causes of hypoxia decreased o2 to...,
Why does decreased atp lead to ce...
97  cards
33  cards
Pathoma: Exocrine
What do mallory bodies contain,
Hemociderosis is deposition in
2  cards
Sudden weight gainemotional illne...,
Muscles of mastication of innerva...,
What are the components of inform...
13  cards
B&B Biochemistry
Fxn of transketolase,
Deficiency or mutated enzyme can ...,
Uses of nadph other than protecti...
121  cards
B&B Genetics
Genetic polymorphism,
Wild type allele gene,
Genetic mutations passed to offsp...
29  cards
Airways in the lungs are held ope...,
Function of pth,
Is given prior to endoscopy to ma...
26  cards
Palasading nuclei,
Pseudopalisading nuclei are seen ...,
Hyperkeratosis increased thicknes...
5  cards
Craniosacral flexion the sacrum n...
1  cards
Of the b cell and t cell deficien...,
Hyper igm syndrome is d t defective,
Of the b cell and t cell deficien...
25  cards
Astrocytes are the largest and mo...,
Which 2 immunosuppressants inhibi...,
Mtor inhibitor binds fkbp kidney ...
23  cards
Median n innervates which 4 muscles,
Name this strain pattern,
Local anesthetic which may cause ...
21  cards
B&B - Reproduction
Fibrocystic changes in the breast...,
Proliferative breast disorders ar...,
Breast pathology that presents w ...
29  cards
Damage to the iliohypogastric n w...,
In what senarios are the followin...,
List the vessels of fetal circula...
23  cards
B&B - Biostats
To determin the median for an eve...,
Where is the mean median and mode...,
Which is the positive which is th...
40  cards
Squamous cell carcinoma is the mc...,
Sqaumous cell carcinoma of the or...,
Microscopic findings of squamous ...
28  cards
B&B - Epidemiology
What makes epidemiology study dif...,
3 types of epidemiology studies,
Cross sectional study aka
78  cards
A patient s family member asks yo...,
17 y o wants an abortion what do ...,
A 15 year old is pregnant and wan...
65  cards
How do you avoid prescription err...,
Anti jo 1 ab is a w,
Progressive symmetric proximal mu...
20  cards
Refeeding syndrome often occurs i...,
Risk factors for refeeding syndro...,
Anti ss a ab is aka
43  cards
Cobb angles are measured at the,
Salmon colored truncal macular ra...,
Flexed or extended vertebral segm...
31  cards
B&B - Hematology
Rule of 3,
Rbc indices,
Microcytic anemia is d t
36  cards
B&B - Infectious Disease
Define prokaryote,
Why is the cell wall an important...,
Difference in cell wall of gram p...
145  cards
What is the function of vwf,
Von willebrand disease is classif...,
Increased bleeding time ptt menor...
33  cards
Which medication 4 classes can ca...,
How can an anticholinergic medica...,
Peripheral neuropathy destruction...
21  cards
White vaginal discharge and fishy...,
Strawberry cervix yellow green fo...,
Anaphylatic and atopic reactions ...
28  cards
B&B - Antibiotics
Penicillin is a beta lactam that ...,
Penicillin binds to transpeptidas...,
Beta lactamase aka
98  cards
B&B - Antifungals
3 amphotericin drugs,
2 tinea drugs,
Is the cholesterol that fungal ce...
24  cards
B & B - Parasites and Helminths
Life cycle of malaria,
Black water fever,
Which species of malaria classica...
78  cards
B & B - Virology
What is a viral envelope,
All viruses have icosahedral caps...,
Enveloped viruses cannot survive
57  cards
B & B - Musculoskeletal
Axillary nerve lesion can be caus...,
Wrist flexors,
Wrist extensors
77  cards
Which murmurs are best heard over...,
S3 heart sound is a w,
The intensity of mitral valve reg...
29  cards
B & B - Cardio
Right dominant circulation 85 pda...,
Co sv x hr or co using blood gases,
Which location of mi can lead to ...
81  cards
B & B - Cardio Pathology & Rx
Dressler syndrome,
Mccs of dilated cardiomyopathy ab...,
S3 is heard in dilated hypertroph...
101  cards
Which ribs are atypical,
Using met inhalation rib sd is tx...,
What is the rule of 3 s thoracic ...
33  cards
B & B - Pulmonary
Http pink acellular material w in...
1  cards
B & B - Endocrine
Thyroglossal duct is derived from...,
Thyroid follicular cells are deri...,
Zona granulosa is regulated by
4  cards
B & B - Hematology
0  cards

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