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HR-Recruiting and training
How are promotions managed in slb,
On what basis are people promoted,
What does borderless career conce...
9  cards
HR-Career Development:
What does cor mean,
When is cor conduced,
What is the cor steps preparation
10  cards
HR-People Management
What is mbo,
How mbo works,
What is the mbo s goal
14  cards
HR-People Management 2
The key objectives for personnel ...,
Describe the slp 3 process,
What are the 4 purposes of slp 3
14  cards
HR- SLB values and fundamental people policies
What are the slb values,
Explain value people,
Explain value technologyhow they ...
14  cards
HR-Extra questions
What are the hr functions 4,
Describe employee support,
Describe hr planning blue
10  cards
Supply Chain Part 1
What sso stands for,
Describe the mission of the sso,
Who is involve on supply chain 8
9  cards
Supply Chain Part 2
What are the sourcing plan consid...,
Normal 0 false false false en us ...,
What are the possible consequence...
7  cards
Supply Chain-Logistics
Describe logistics,
What is tmc,
What is clc
15  cards
Supply Chain-FP24
What are the 3 elements of fp24,
What does fp 24 entails,
Where is the bidding process defined
4  cards
Supply Chain-Incoterm
What is incoterm,
6  cards
Supply Chain-Procurement and P2P
What procurement is responsible for,
What p2p stands for,
What is p2p
16  cards
Supply Chain-Category/Sourcing/Supplier Management
What is sourcing,
What does supplier management inc...,
How many and which groups does sl...
20  cards
Supply Chain- Material Management
For what is material management f...,
What is the 2 main goals for mate...,
Describe material management 3 pa...
27  cards
Sales-Part 1
Location customer analysis top cl...,
Who are the major competitors in ...,
What are those top competitions s...
10  cards
Sales Part 2
Do you know what price differenti...,
What types of contracts are in th...,
Risk reward contracts
12  cards
Sales-Part 3
What is tas what value does it br...,
For what is tas used,
What is the tas 4 questions
10  cards
Sales- Part 4
Can provide nlt 4 examples of nt5...,
Can detail the technical advantag...,
Can detail the value provided by ...
8  cards
Finance-Understanding Internal Control
Explain the finance organization ...,
What are internal controls,
Internal controls are measures to
9  cards
Finance- Internal Control processes
Explain proper authorization auth...,
What is iapprove alm,
What is fp40
8  cards
Financial-Sarbanes & Oxley
Sarbanes oxley background,
By who was created sarbanes oxley...,
Sarbanes oxley requirements
7  cards
Finance- Part 4
Main points of the fp 24 code of ...,
Main points of the fp 24 code of ...,
Fp 24 real life situations
13  cards
Finance-Part 5
Procurement and accounts payable ...,
Vendor management,
Procurement cycle
9  cards
Financial- Net Income Statement - P&L Part 1
Profit and loss p l main componen...,
What does nis stand for,
What is revenue
13  cards
Financial- Net Income Statement - P&L Part 2
What is p l profit and lose or nis,
What is balance sheet,
What is balance sheet
15  cards
Financial- Net Income Statement - P&L Part 3
What is fmt,
What is fat,
What is mr
13  cards
Financial- Net Income Statement - P&L Part 4
Financial net income statement p ...,
What are the consideration when f...,
Examples of forecasting
6  cards
Financial-Balance Sheet Part 1
What is balance sheet,
What is the balance sheet equatio...,
What and where other financial tr...
10  cards
Financial-Balance Sheet Part 2
Definition of capex,
Definition of fixed assets,
How often fixed assets count are ...
12  cards
Financial-Balance Sheet Part 3
What is inventory,
Inventory obsolescence policy,
How often inventory is count
7  cards
Financial-Balance Sheet Part 4
Indicators for analysis dso,
How to improve dso,
What is what affect more dso
11  cards
QHSE-Management System Part 1
What are the 8 elements of ms man...,
Describe commitment leadership an...,
Describe policies and objectives
12  cards
QHSE-Management System Part 2
Know the score of the latest cat ...,
What does aar stand for how it ca...,
What does cltif stand for how it ...
10  cards
QHSE Policies & Standards Part 1
Explain qhse policy,
Explain driving policy,
Explain information security policy
6  cards
QHSE Policies & Standards Part 2
From slb code of ethics discuss e...,
From slb code of ethics discuss b...,
From slb code of ethics discuss c...
7  cards
QHSE Policies & Standards Part 3
Environmental standard definition...,
What does wsss stand for,
Explain ws std 5 well site operat...
6  cards
QHSE Standards
Qhse standard 1,
Qhse standard 2,
Qhse standard 3
23  cards
WS Standards
Ws standard 1,
Ws standard 2,
Ws standard 3
19  cards

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