corporate law

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Chapter 1 - Introduction To Company Law
What are the 4 key components of ...,
Why is insolvency law relevant to...,
Why is securities regulation rele...
14  cards
Chapter 2 - Legal Structures Of Business Organisations
What are the two principal legal ...,
Is it possible for a sole trader ...,
What is the definition of a partn...
41  cards
Chapter 3 - Promoters & Company Formation
Identify 5 acts typically perform...,
What have displaced fiduciary dut...,
What if any remedies are availabl...
55  cards
Chapter 4 - The Company As A Distinct Legal Person
What are the two categories of le...,
What types of corporation are there,
What are the key legal consequenc...
24  cards
Chapter 5 - The Constitution Of The Company
What is meant by a companys objects,
What is meant by ultra vires the ...,
What is the capacity of a non cha...
33  cards
Chapter 6 - Legally Binding The Company
What are the requirements for a c...,
How may a company execute a document,
What does the ca 2006 state about...
23  cards
Chapter 7 - Companies, Capital Markets and Market Abuse
In which two key situations must ...,
Where do the rules about prospect...,
Does the requirement to publish a...
32  cards
Chapter 8 - Membership, Shares and Share Capital
What are 4 routes to gaining the ...,
Who is a member of a company with...,
What information is required in t...
48  cards
Chapter 9 - Capital Maintenance
What was the creditor protection ...,
Does the rationale in trevor v wh...,
What are the two key components o...
31  cards
Chapter 10 - Loan Capital
What is a debenture,
Identify 5 characteristics on the...,
What is debenture stock
25  cards
Chapter 11 - Directors, Members, and The Division of Powers
Identify three places to look for...,
What are the two organs of govern...,
Identify four points supporting t...
43  cards
Chapter 12 - Director's Duties
To whom does a director owe his o...,
Explain the term enlightened shar...,
When and to what extent are direc...
34  cards
Chapter 13 - Members' Remedies
State the rule in foss v harbottle,
What are the three exceptions to ...,
Why is it believed that historica...
33  cards
Chapter 14 - Members meetings & Resolutions
What is the default quroum for a ...,
Which companies are required to h...,
Identify 3 ways in which the rule...
15  cards
Chapter 15 - Directors' Meetings & Decision-Making
Where are the rules governing boa...,
Who may call a board meeting,
In which circumstances is there n...
8  cards
Chapter 16 - Company Restructuring
What is the most common use of th...,
Can s 110 be used if a compromise...,
Is a s 110 scheme a corporate res...
12  cards
Chapter 17 - Takeovers
Does the eu takeover directive la...,
Which part of the ca implements t...,
Which code governs takeovers in t...
15  cards
Chapter 18 - Corporate Rescue
What are the three main avenues o...,
What is a cva,
Is a preferential or secured cred...
25  cards
Chapter 19 - Winding Up & Company Dissolution
What are the two types of winding up,
What is meant by parri passu,
On what 2 grounds may the court m...
47  cards

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