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CPCU 553 Ch. 1
Any condition or situation that p...,
The actual means by which propert...,
A condition that presents the pos...
38  cards
CPCU 553 Ch. 2
Law enacted to ensure that motori...,
Law that requires the owners or o...,
The insured in an insurance contract
19  cards
CPCU 553 Ch. 3
A person corporation partnership ...,
The time frame beginning with the...,
A unique number that is assigned ...
15  cards
CPCU 553 Ch. 4
There are four kinds comprehensiv...,
A portion of a covered loss that ...,
Additional coverage in the person...
12  cards
CPCU 553 Ch. 5
The cost of replacing damages pro...,
Property insurance coverage cover...,
An insurance policy in which the ...
3  cards
CPCU 553 Ch. 6
A person or business who is not a...,
Physical injury to a person inclu...,
Physical injury to destruction of...
12  cards
CPCU Ch. 7
Area that the nfip has classified...,
A temporary map designed to ident...,
Initial phase of communities part...
8  cards
CPCU Ch. 8
Insurance that covers many differ...,
The place where the insured resid...,
A basis for insuring items within...
11  cards
CPCU Ch. 9
Method used to determine an adequ...,
A mathematical computation used t...,
Characteristics of a term insuran...
18  cards
CPCU 553 Ch. 10
A retirement savings plan by whic...,
A retirement savings plan by whic...,
A pension plan that is based on t...
7  cards
CPCU 553 Ch. 11
A type of healthcare plan that al...,
Coverage for medical expenses suc...,
Insurance that covers medical exp...
11  cards

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