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Why is pharmycokinetics important,
What is a me too drug,
What things can effect pharmacoki...
31  cards
Blood pressure drugs
What is blood pressure what are t...,
What are main mechanism of bp reg...,
How does smooth muscle change blo...
23  cards
Heart failure drugs
Management of heart failure aims ...,
Chronic management of hf,
How do loop diuretics work when a...
5  cards
What is cholesterol used for what...,
What is a fatty streak when can f...,
What is a statin used for how doe...
14  cards
Reproductive and post reproductive health
What are 3 steroid hormones synth...,
What are the major effects of oes...,
Oestrogen actions oestrogen side ...
19  cards
Diabetes drugs
What causes insulin secretion wha...,
What are symptoms of type i diabe...,
Why is insulin released even in f...
22  cards
Anti arrhythmic drugs
What structure does the ions trav...,
What are the phases in a cardiac ...,
What phase in the cardiac ap does...
25  cards
Antiplatelets + fibrinolytics
What is a thrombus what is a embo...,
What does prostacyclin do what ar...,
How does a thrombus form
14  cards
Where is arachidonic acid from wh...,
What does pge do what does does p...,
What receptors do prostanoids act...
23  cards
What is pain what is nociception,
What is the process of pain signa...,
What structure modulates pain in ...
22  cards
What is asthma what would a good ...,
What does uncontrolled asthma loo...,
What is the current nice guidelin...
18  cards
GI medications
What can cause peptic ulcer and g...,
What are alginates and antacids e...,
What are ppis used for how do the...
37  cards
What does multi drug resistant me...,
What 5 things does antimicrobial ...,
What 5 things does antimicrobial ...
24  cards
What is haemostasis what is throm...,
What is the purpose of anticoagul...,
What are heparins
21  cards
What is the definition of a seizu...,
What can cause the imbalance of e...,
Symtpoms and signs of seizure
24  cards
What is imatinib,
What stage of the cell cycle does...,
What is the fraction cell kill hy...
21  cards
Anti arrhythmic 2.0
What is a class ib anti arrhythmi...,
What is an anti arrhythmic ic how...,
What is a class ii anti arrhythmi...
10  cards

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