criminal procedure

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Chapter 1 - Jurisdiction (Pending Mind Map)
Subordinate 2nd class magistrateo...,
Subordinate 2nd class magistratet...
66  cards
Chapter 2 - Arrest
Arresttypes of offence,
Processes issue to enforce attend...
68  cards
Chapter 2.1 - Remand
Application for remandthe law,
Remandconsiderations for remand
18  cards
Chapter 3 - Entry, Search & Seizure
Entry search seizureoverview,
Search of a body of personsoverview,
Search of a body of personswhen
35  cards
Chapter 4 - Disclosure in Criminal Proceedings
Disclosure in criminal proceeding...,
Pre trial disclosureoverview,
Pre trial disclosurethe law scope
20  cards
Chapter 5 - Police Investigation
Police investigationoverview,
Police investigationpreventive ac...,
Police investigationprevention of...
43  cards
Chapter 6 - Powers of PP
Powers of ppoverview,
Office of ppoverview,
Office of ppattorney general
63  cards
Chapter 7 - Initiation of Criminal Proceedings
Initiation of criminal proceeding...,
Cognisance by magistratethe law,
Cognisance by complaintoverview
24  cards
Chapter 8 - Transmission & Transfer of Criminal Cases
Transmission transfer of criminal...,
Transmission of a criminal caseso...,
Transmission of a criminal casest...
40  cards
Chapter 9 - Charges
General principles on chargesover...,
General principles on chargesdefi...
71  cards
Chapter 10 - Bail
General principles on bailoverview,
General principles on bailmeaning...
113  cards
Chapter 11 - Pre-Trial Processes
Pre trial processesoverview,
Pre trial conferenceoverview,
Pre trial conferenceeffect of ptc
22  cards
Chapter 12 - Preliminaries in Summary Trials
Summary trialsoverview,
Preliminary objectionsoverview,
Preliminary objectionsobjection a...
39  cards
Chapter 12.1 - Procedures in Summary Trials
Procedures in summary trialsoverview,
Prosecution caseoverview,
Evidence in prosecution caseoverview
118  cards
Chapter 12.2 - Miscellaneous in Summary Trials
Miscellaneous in summary trialove...,
Miscellaneous in summary trialvie...,
View of place or locus in quonon ...
26  cards
Chapter 13 - Preliminaries in High Court Trials
Preliminaries in high court trial...,
Preliminary objectionsoverview,
Preliminary objectionsobjection a...
21  cards
Chapter 13.1 - High Court Trials
High court trialoverview,
Preliminaries of high court trial...,
Preliminaries of high court trial...
39  cards
Chapter 14 - Impeachment Proceedings
Impeachment proceedingsoverview,
General principles on impeachment...,
General principles on impeachment...
27  cards
Chapter 15 - Court For Children (Pending Mind Map)
Court for childrenoverview,
Court for childrendefinitions,
Court for childrenwho is a child
32  cards
Chapter 16 - Sentencing
Objective of sentencingoverview,
Objective of sentencingretribution
115  cards
Chapter 17 - Appeal
General issues on appealoverview,
Issues on appealeffect of guilty ...
31  cards
Chapter 17.1 - Appeal & Revision to High Court
Appeal to high courtoverview,
Appeal to high courtcreation of r...,
Appeal to high courtjurisdiction ...
33  cards
Chapter 17.2 - Appeal to Court of Appeal
Appeal to court of appealoverview,
Appeal to court of appealjurisdic...,
Appeal to court of appealappealab...
20  cards
Chapter 17.3 - Appeal to Federal Court
Appeal to federal courtoverview,
Appeal to federal courtjurisdicti...,
Appeal to federal courtappealable...
16  cards
Chapter 18 - Special Procedures
Special proceedingsoverview,
Special proceedingsrelevant statu...,
Special proceedingspractice direc...
5  cards

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