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The Benefit of Asking The Right Questions
Critical thinking,
How critical thinking helps,
Advantages of using the sponge ap...
9  cards
What Are The Issue and the Conclusion?
What is an issue,
Kinds of issues,
Descriptive issues
14  cards
What Are The Reasons?
Characteristics of arguments
7  cards
What Words or Phrases are Ambiguous?
When is a word ambiguous,
Key terms
7  cards
What Are the Value Conflicts and Assumptions?
Characteristics of assumptions,
Where to look for assumptions,
11  cards
What are the Descriptive Assumptions?
Descriptive assumptions,
Prescriptive value assumptions,
Descriptive connecting assumption
7  cards
Are There Any Fallacies In The Reasoning?
Critical questions,
Objective of critical reading and...,
Fallacies of reasoning
21  cards
How Good Is the Evidence: Intuition, Personal Experience, Testimonials, and Appeals to Authority?
To determine dependability,
Factual claims,
Examples of factual claims
18  cards
How Good is the Evidence: Personal, Observation, Research Studies, Case Examples, and Analogies
Personal observation,
Research study,
Scientific studies
13  cards
Are There Rival Causes?
Rival causes,
Causal thinking indicators
9  cards
Are The Statistics Deceptive?
Clues for assessing statistics
1  cards
What Significant Information is Omitted?
Significant omitted information,
Causes for incomplete reasoning,
Common kinds of significant infor...
14  cards
What Reasonable Conclusions Are Possible?
Dichotomous thinking,
Qualifying questions on conclusions,
If clause
5  cards

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