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Operating System Types
What are the four types of operat...,
What is eol
2  cards
What versions of windows must you...,
What versions of windows server s...,
How many years of support does a ...
4  cards
What are the three main systems l...,
Which distributions of linux are ...,
Which distributions are free to use
4  cards
What are the four most important ...
1  cards
File systems
What file systems do windows use,
What file systems does linux use,
What file systems does apple use
21  cards
32 vs 64 bit
What versions can run on the 32 b...,
What versions can run on the 64 b...,
How should you choose the version...
3  cards
Windows Versions
How many cores can a multi core p...,
What does windows home not have,
Does windows home support hyperth...
19  cards
Windows Installatiom
What is the name of the file in w...,
What is an image deployment,
How can the image be stored
30  cards
Application Configuration
If using a 32 bit system which fi...,
If using a 64 bit system which fi...,
If you have a dedicated graphics ...
13  cards
Windows Networking
What are the four things you need...,
If you re using a class a ip addr...,
If you re dealing with a class b ...
8  cards
Windows Control Panel
What setting can help users with ...,
What is hardening your system,
What is a software based firewall
13  cards
Windows Settings
What actions can be performed ins...,
What does disk fragmentation most...,
What is capacity on a disk drive
15  cards
Windows Command Line
What does the netstat,
What does it do when is added to ...,
What is the cd command
46  cards
Windows Shares
What is workgroups and domains,
What is the difference between a ...,
What will the command net user gi...
7  cards
What is a pkg file,
What is a dmg file,
What is the finder
15  cards
Linux basics
How do you list file system objects,
How do you print the current dire...,
How do you change directories
38  cards
Threats and Vulnerabilities
What is information security,
What is information system security,
What is cve
48  cards
What is a virus,
What is a boot sector virus,
What is a macro virus
31  cards
Social Engineering
What is an evil twin attack,
What is a karma attack
2  cards
Security Controls
What is the difference between au...,
Is a penetration test an audit or...,
Whats a kensington lock
20  cards
Wireless Security
What is weps weakness,
What does an open network indicate,
What does wep indicate
34  cards
Mobile Device Security
What is a cobo device,
What is a cope device,
What is a cyod
3  cards
Windows Security
What are the four user groups you...,
What is an encrypting file system,
What is data at rest
3  cards
Securing a Workstation
What is data at rest,
What is data in motion,
What is data in use
7  cards
Securing Web Browsers
What is the difference between an...
1  cards
Supporting Network Operations
What is sop,
What are the four main types of d...,
What is a physical network diagram
4  cards
Backup, Recovery and Safety
What is an incremental backup,
What is a differential backup,
What is grandfather to son gfs
13  cards
Policy and Privacy Concepts
What is chain of custody,
What is an order of volatility,
What is disk imaging
16  cards
What is ps1,
What is bat,
What is a vbs file
33  cards
Remote Access Support
What is telnet,
Is telnet secure,
What is secure shell
21  cards
Troubleshooting Windows
What does the uefi boot use,
What can cause a failure to boot,
How can you correct failure to boot
16  cards
Troubleshooting Workstation Security
What is the first step of malware...,
What is step two,
What is step three
9  cards
Misc Questions
What is the physical memory limit...,
What is the maximum ram support f...,
What command prompts can be used ...
31  cards

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