diploma iblm/ bslm practice mcq's

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Chapter 1 Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine
According to the interheart study...,
Which of the following practices ...,
Which of these are not one of the...
14  cards
LMBR1: 1-Intro to LM
The field of lifestyle medicine r...,
This statement best describes the...,
This ability is not required by p...
5  cards
Chapter 2 Fundamentals of Health Behaviour
Which of the following is not an ...,
Regarding behavioural change theo...,
In behaviour change process which...
15  cards
LMBR2: 2-Health and Behavior Change
You are working with a patient on...,
After meeting with your patient y...,
Positive emotions a are much more...
10  cards
Chapter 3 Key Clinical Processes in Lifestyle Medicine
Question 1what is one of the para...,
Question 2 diabetes testing shoul...,
The following are true for streng...
22  cards
4-Role of Physician Health
All of the following are correct ...,
You want to set an example for yo...,
Again you want to set an example ...
12  cards
All of the following are consider...,
The top five sources of saturated...,
Which statement is not true about...
38  cards
6-Exercise and Physical Activity
Which of the following statements...,
The main components describing th...,
The us physical activity guidelin...
25  cards
7-Emotional and Mental Well-Being, Assessment and Interventions
Primary care physicians pcp note ...,
Well being and absence of disease...,
Fitness and exercise is comparabl...
9  cards
8- Sleep Health Science and Interventions
In order to readjust the circadia...,
Unhealthy sleep is best character...,
A patient with a sleep disorder w...
11  cards
9-Fundamentals of Tobacco Cessation and Managing Risky Alcohol Use
Which behavior is the single larg...,
Smoking leads to or worsens which...,
Which is not true about smoking c...
10  cards
10-The Role of Connectedness and Positive Psychology
Which is not a list of therapeuti...,
Which of the following statements...,
The benefits of eating a plant ba...
6  cards
VP1- LM and ITLC
Which of the following statements...,
Which statement best describes th...,
This ability is required by provi...
12  cards
VP2- Health Behavioral Change
A young mother is wanting to get ...,
Which statement is true about the...,
Maria is a pleasant 55 year old w...
7  cards
VP3- Chronic Diseases, IR, Epigenetics, Sleep
Which of the following statements...,
Which of the following statements...,
Which of the following statements...
6  cards
VP4-Emotional Well-Being, Obesity
Tricia is a 38 year old woman wit...,
What could be helpful about posit...,
Which statement is consistent wit...
8  cards
VP5-Nutrition & Studies
Which would be an appropriate sma...,
Which of the following is true ab...,
Which of the following statements...
8  cards
VP6-Physical Acitivity & LM Implementation
What are the physical activity gu...,
Which is not a component of exerc...,
Who needs to be screened by a med...
6  cards
Key Articles
Which of the following statements...,
All of the following statements a...,
Which of the following statement ...
26  cards
Chapter 1 (Study Group) - Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine
With regards to physician compete...
1  cards
Chapter 2 (Study Group) - Fundamentals of Health Behaviour Change
Which of these is not a construct...,
The theory of planned behaviour s...,
Chris has a bmi of 29 and is worr...
9  cards

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diploma iblm/ bslm practice mcq's

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