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Contrast Echo
How many contiguous segments of e...,
Does contrast help in avoiding ap...,
Does contrast help in locating op...
14  cards
Specular reflectors are strong we...,
Does high frequency go with incre...,
Another term for axial
60  cards
Is 3d echo affected by arrhythmia...,
What type of resolution suffers w 3d
2  cards
Rungs of a ladder,
When you see bang or near field a...
2  cards
Chamber Quantification
A normal lv mass index linear met...,
Normal lv relative wall thickness,
Relative wall thickness rwt
16  cards
Genes involved in hcm,
Echo family screening for hcm,
Cut off of lv thickness to call i...
25  cards
Assumptions in simplified bernoul...,
Mean gradient severe as,
Can echo predict peak to peak as ...
18  cards
Diastolic Dysfxn
With valsalva what happens to mit...,
When does tissue doppler not mirr...,
The higher the e e ratio the high...
10  cards
Show me tee tg view of av,
Show me tee tg view of lvot av,
Show me tee tg view of rv inflow
10  cards
What type of velocity and amplitu...,
What type of velocity and amplitu...,
What happens to e velocity in dia...
13  cards
Doppler Hemodynamics
How to calculate lap using mr vel...,
How to calculate lap using pfo,
How to calculate lvdp using ar
26  cards
Typical temporal resolution of m ...,
Describe each letter,
27  cards
Aortic Valve
Most common cusps to fuse in bav,
Diagnosis of this descending ao d...
16  cards
Mitral Valve
What should you always report wit...,
Why do a tee before mitral valvul...
34  cards
Prosthetic Valves
Which is pathologic and which is ...,
Less than or equal to how much av...,
Another name for dimensionless index
32  cards
Systemic dz
27 f in chf diagnosis,
Regional wma in unusual distribut...
8  cards
Diagnosis from left to right,
What is the testable point for th...,
When you see pericardial effusion...
8  cards
stress echo
Which lv segments are seen in thi...,
Which lv segments are seen in thi...,
Which lv segments are seen in thi...
15  cards
Interventional Echo
In or after alfieri stitch for mr...,
In or after placing alfieri stitc...,
Mv and tv attach to septum at sam...
3  cards
4 bugs associated with sbe,
Most common and least common cond...,
What of prostehtic valve endocard...
17  cards
Gross Pathology
Names the four parts of the septum,
Where does the coronary sinus drain,
What bronchus and pa does the ao ...
6  cards
DCM, Transplant, CRT
In a patient w dcm if lv wall thi...,
Is this the correct way to measur...,
What is a normal e velocity
25  cards
Cardiac Masses
4 most common mets to heart,
If you see ra mass exending to iv...,
Most common primary cardiac tumor
28  cards
Pericardial dz
In constrictive pericarditis is t...
29  cards
Ascending ao diameter should have...,
When to operate on aaa,
2 criteria associated with incd r...
6  cards
Simple Congenital Heart Dz
On boards not real life how do yo...,
22  cards
Complex Congenital Heart Dz
Dx of top and bottom images,
Usually which ventricule is more ...,
If you see complete heart block a...
15  cards
Tricuspid, Pulmonic valves and RV and PE
Tva pht,
What does this atrial systole hep...,
14  cards
What are arrows pointing to,
Name the structures in this tee v...
2  cards

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