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Balance of Payments
What is a balance of payments,
What is the current account,
How many parts is the current acc...
13  cards
2:5:3 Macroeconomic Objectives And Policies - Conflicts And Trade Ofd Between Objectives And Policies
What happens to wages when there ...,
When there is a labour shortage w...,
What does low unemployment or red...
17  cards
2:5:2 Macroeconomic Objectives And Policies - Supply Side Policies
What is meant by the term supply ...,
What is the objective of supply s...,
Which curve do supply side polici...
36  cards
2:5:1 Macroeconomic Objectives And Policies
Define interest rates,
What are the benefits of quantita...,
What happens to house prices as i...
87  cards
2:4:1 - Economic Growth
What is meant by the term actual ...,
What is meant by the term potenti...,
What happened to real gdp during ...
36  cards
2:3:1 - National Income
Describe the circular flow of inc...,
What is meant by the term circula...,
What increases the amount of inco...
41  cards
2:2:2 - Aggregate Supply - Aggregate Demand And Supply
What is meant by the term aggrega...,
What is aggregate supply largely ...,
What are the factors that influen...
63  cards
2:2:1 - Aggregate Demand - Aggregate Demand And Supply
Classical economists view is that...,
What is the main influence on gov...,
If you ignore tax what does a per...
92  cards
2:1:4 - Measure Of Economic Performance - Balance Of Payments
What is meant by the balance of p...,
What does the balance of payments...,
What is the most significant acco...
39  cards
2:1:3 - Measures Of Economics Performance - Employment And Unemployment
What is meant by the level of emp...,
What is meant by the rate of empl...,
What is meant by workforce
49  cards
2:1:2 - Inflation - Measures Od Economic Performance
Define inflation,
How is the general price level ca...,
What is the reason for using cons...
36  cards
What are the macro economic objec...,
What is economic growth,
What is the difference between re...
106  cards
What are the economic policies in...,
Give examples of injections that ...,
Examples of withdrawals from an e...
49  cards
2:1:1 - Measures Of Economic Performance - Economic Growth
What is microeconomics,
What is macroeconomics,
What does the economic system att...
70  cards
Budget Deficit
What is the budget deficit,
What was the uks net borrowing in...,
What is national debt or public s...
19  cards
Economic Growth
What does economic growth really ...,
Why is economic growth an importa...,
What is economic growth caused by
11  cards
Fiscal Policy
Define the fiscal policy,
What is aggregate demand,
What is the aggregate demand equa...
23  cards
Define globalisation,
What does globalisation reflect,
What does globalisation involve
6  cards
Exchange Rates
What is the exchange rate,
Where are currencies traded,
21  cards
European Union
When did the uk join the european...,
When was the euro created,
What are the eu community institu...
16  cards
The Euro
What is the euro,
What does the euro involve,
How big is the euro worldwide
7  cards
Monetary Policy
What is the monetary policy,
What are the aims of the using th...,
What is the inflation aim
16  cards
Define inflation,
What 2 factors directly cause inf...,
What causes demand pull inflation
29  cards
Suppy Side Policies
What are supply side policies,
What are the two different supply...,
Example of interventionist supply...
23  cards
The characteristics of Aggregate Demand
Which way does the aggregate dema...,
What does the aggregate demand cu...,
What does a movement along the ag...
27  cards
What is consumption
1  cards
All of Macroeconomics PiXL
What is the consumer price index,
What is the exchange rate index,
What is the index of wages and ea...
83  cards

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