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Section 1 - The Economic Problem
What do economists do to compensa...,
Ceteris paribus definition,
When do economists use ceteris pa...
114  cards
Section 2 - Price Determination
Market definition,
Sub markets deifintion,
Supply and demand
67  cards
Section 3 - Business Economics
146  cards
Section 4 - Competitive and Concentrated Markets
Model of perfect competition,
What conditions are satisfied in ...,
What conditions are satisfied in ...
125  cards
Section 5 - Market Failure
Market failure,
What are the 2 types of market fa...,
Complete market failure
92  cards
Section 6 - Government Intervention
Taxation intro,
Specific taxes,
Specific tax diagram
68  cards
Section 8 - Measuring Economic Growth
What are the 4 main macroeconomic...,
How can economic growth be measured,
National output definition
63  cards
Section 7 - The Labour Market
Economically active population de...,
Demand for labour
100  cards
Section 9 - The Circular Flow of Income
The circular flow of income,
Circular flow of income formula,
What are the 2 types of flow in c...
86  cards
Section 10 - Government Economic Policy Objectives
What are the 4 main objectives fo...,
Main objectives for government ma...,
Main objectives for government ma...
187  cards
Section 11 - Macroeconomic Policy Instruments
Fiscal policy definition,
What can fiscal policy be used for,
Types of fiscal policy
77  cards
Section 12 - The Financial Sector
Financial sector intro,
Everyday forms of borrowing for i...,
Everyday forms of borrowing for i...
88  cards
Section 13 - The International Economy
Developed countries definition,
Developing countries definition,
Emerging countries definition
86  cards
Section 14 - Economic Development
Economic growth definition,
Economic development,
National income data list
59  cards
The distribution of income and wealth
Wealth d,
Marketable wealth d,
Non marketable wealth d
36  cards

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