edexcel a-level biological psychology

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CNS and Neurotransmitters
Name the parts of a neuron,
What is the myelin sheath,
What is the axon
15  cards
The Brain
What are the 4 sections that form...,
What does the frontal lobe do,
What is the parietal lobe associa...
12  cards
Brain functioning as an explanation of aggression
What areas of out brain are assoc...,
How is the amygdala associated wi...,
How is the pag associated with ag...
6  cards
Role of evolution and natural selection to explain aggression
What is evolution,
What is natural selection,
How does evolution affect parenta...
12  cards
Freud's Theory of Aggression
What are the two instincts mentio...,
What are the parts of the mind ac...,
What is the conscious
15  cards
Role of hormones on human behaviour
What are hormones,
How does testosterone affect aggr...,
How does cortisol affect aggression
5  cards
Individual Differences - Aggression
0  cards
Raine et al 1997 - Classical Study
What were the aims of raine et al,
Describe the sample of raine et al,
Describe the procedure of raine e...
10  cards
Li et al 2013 - Contemporary Study
What were the aims of li et al,
Describe the sample of li et al,
Describe the procedure of li et al
10  cards
Biological Approach - Research Methods
What does a correlation look for,
What is a positive correlation,
What is a negative correlation
29  cards
Twin Study (Gottesman and Shields (1966))
What do twin studies enable psych...,
What are monozygotic twins,
What are dizygotic twins
15  cards
Adoption and twin study (Ludeke et al 2013)
What was the aim of ludeke et al,
Describe the sample of ludeke et al,
Describe the procedure of ludeke ...
8  cards
Key Question
What is the key question for biol...
1  cards
Research Methods
0  cards

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edexcel a-level biological psychology

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