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edexcel gcse history paper 2: early elizabethan england

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Elizabethan society and government
In what year did elizabeth become...,
Who were elizabeth s parents,
Give two ways in which elizabeth ...
30  cards
Religion in Elizabethan England
Give three reasons why religion w...,
Who did catholics believe was the...,
What was the name given to the po...
25  cards
Elizabeth's problems
Give three examples of taxes in e...,
Give two reasons why elizabeth wa...,
What was elizabeth s most regular...
35  cards
The Religious Settlement
Give three examples of moral issu...,
What was the most common punishme...,
What was the most serious punishm...
29  cards
Challenges to the Religious Settlement
Give five things the puritans opp...,
Why did some puritans accept post...,
What did the puritan bishops atte...
16  cards
The problem of Mary, Queen of Scots
Who ruled scotland when mary quee...,
What happened to the scottish gov...,
Why did france not invade scotlan...
16  cards
The Revolt of the Northern Earls
Who were the two earls in charge ...,
Who was mary queen of scots to ma...,
What happened to the earl of nort...
26  cards
Plots against Elizabeth
Who was roberto ridolfi,
What did ridolfi do for mary quee...,
What was the aim of the ridolfi plot
32  cards
Walsingham's spy network
What was the background of most o...,
Give three examples of countries ...,
What role did double agents play ...
9  cards
The execution of Mary, Queen of Scots
Under the act for the preservatio...,
Why could not mary be executed im...
8  cards
Anglo-Spanish relations 1568-1585
What was england s main source of...,
Why did trade with antwerp become...,
Apart from antwerp where were the...
27  cards
Direct intervention in the Netherlands from 1585
What treaty did elizabeth sign on...,
What did the treaty of nonsuch me...,
How many troops did elizabeth sen...
9  cards
The Singeing of the King of Spain's Beard, 1587
When war broke out between englan...,
How much treasure did francis dra...,
To where did sir francis drake sa...
7  cards
The Spanish Armada
How many troops did the duke of p...,
Describe two problems with the sp...,
In what formation did the spanish...
23  cards
Reasons for increased exploration
Who did elizabeth give the job of...,
Why did english nobles fund overs...,
Why did members of the lower clas...
21  cards
Drake's circumnavigation
What were drake s five aims in ci...,
What did drake capture on the wes...,
Give two reasons why diego was an...
17  cards
The attempted colonisation of Virginia
What were the two main reasons wh...,
What did raleigh s fact finding m...
31  cards
Elizabethan education
Who educated sons of the nobility...,
What problems did personal tutors...,
How many universities did england...
19  cards
Elizabethan leisure and pastimes
How was elizabethan football diff...,
Why were the puritans opposed to ...,
Who played elizabethan football t...
23  cards
The Elizabethan theatre
How many theatres were there in e...,
What were the most common plays a...,
Why were protestants opposed to m...
20  cards
Reasons for increasing poverty
What did a survey of the poor in ...,
Why were families headed by women...,
What proportion of poor adults we...
21  cards
Changing attitudes and policies towards the poor
What did the puritans think about...,
Why did people think there were h...,
What impact did the dissolution o...
17  cards

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