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Internal Factors (social class)
Describe becker s findings,
Describe rist s findings,
What does streaming involve
24  cards
Cultural Factors (social class)
What internal factors do social c...,
What external factors do social c...,
What is cultural development
29  cards
Material Factors (social class)
What material factors affect educ...,
What direct effects affect does p...,
What indirect effects affect does...
21  cards
Criticisms (social class)
Who talks about the myth of cultu...,
What does nell keddie say about c...,
What do troyna and williams argue
8  cards
Functionalist View
Which functionalists talk about e...,
What 2 main functions of educatio...,
What does durkheim argue society ...
26  cards
Marxist View
What marxist sociologists talk ab...,
What is the basic marxist view of...,
What two states does althusser ta...
25  cards
Neo-liberalism and New Right view
How does neo liberalism view the ...,
What is neoliberalism based on,
How do neoliberals believe we sho...
14  cards
History of education
What was education like before 18...,
What happened in 1880,
What was education like in 1880
48  cards
External factors (ethnicity)
What are the external factors for...,
Describe what the cultural depriv...,
What are the 3 main aspects of cu...
35  cards
Internal factors (ethnicity)
What did gillborn and mirza find ...,
What does this suggest,
What internal factors affect ethn...
23  cards
Internal factors(2) - ethnicity
What is the critical race theory,
What does gillborn say,
According to critical race theori...
25  cards
External factors (gender)
What are the external factors aff...,
What has the feminist movement done,
How has the impact of feminism ch...
12  cards
Internal factors (gender)
What internal factors affect gend...,
What was introduced in 1988,
How has the national curriculum i...
25  cards
Gender and education
Internal factors Reason for subject choice : socialisation, gender domain, image of subject/peer group pressure, gendered career options Gender Identity : double standards, verbal abuse, male gaze, teacher discipline/ male and female peer group
55  cards

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