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emergency care and transportation of the sick and injured, 12th edition

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Common Prefixes
66  cards
Common Word Roots and Combining forms
Abdomin o,
Acou o,
Word roots aden o
162  cards
Common Suffixes
42  cards
Common Abbreviations
A p,
260  cards
Chapter 1: EMS System
What is an advanced emt aemt,
What is certification,
Define community paramedicine
31  cards
Chapter 2: Workforce Safety and Wellness
What is the difference between an...,
What is an acute stress reaction,
What is an aerosol generating pro...
16  cards
Chapter 3: Medical, Legal and Ethical Issues
What service do emt s provide,
Define consent as a basic concept,
Define decision making capacity
45  cards
Chapter 4: Communications and Documentation
Describe therapeutic communication,
Describe the factors and strategi...,
What is ethnocentrism
22  cards
Chapter 5: Medical Terminology
What are the components of a medi...,
Thinking in terms of the pre root...,
What does a medical prefix usuall...
34  cards
Chapter 6: The Human Body
Definer anatomy,
Definer physiology
180  cards
Chapter 8: Lifting and Moving Patients
Explain the need and use of the m...,
Explain the technical skills and ...,
Define the term body mechanics p 277
17  cards
Chapter 10: Patient Assessment
What is the mnemonic for scene si...,
What does avpu stand for,
What is the difference between mo...
33  cards
Chapter 11: Airway Management
Describe the major structures of ...,
Discuss the physiology of breathi...,
Give the signs of adequate breath...
32  cards
Chapter 16: Respiratory Emergencies
List the signs of normal breathing,
List the signs of inadequate brea...,
What is a normal respiratory rate...
11  cards
Chapter 18: Neurologic Emergencies
What are the 3 major parts of the...,
What three things are most likely...,
What are the two types of stroke
6  cards
Chapter 38: Transport Operations
List the nine phases of an ambula...,
Name the medical equipment carrie...,
Name the safety and operations eq...
19  cards
Chapter 39: Vehicle Extrication and Special Rescue
Explain the responsibilities of a...,
Discuss how to ensure safety at t...,
Describe examples of vehicle safe...
14  cards
Chapter 40: Incident Management
Describe the purpose of the natio...,
Describe the purpose of the incid...,
Explain the role of ems response ...
21  cards
Chapter 41: Terrorism Response and Disaster Management
Define international terrorism an...,
Name four different types of goal...,
Define weapon of mass destruction...
12  cards
Chapter 17: Cardiovascular Emergencies
0  cards
Chapter 19: Gastrointestinal and Urologic Emergencies
0  cards
Chapter 20: Endocrine and Hematologic Emergencies
Describe the endocrine system,
What does insulin do in the body,
What are the _2_ hormones produce...
15  cards
Chapter 21: Allergy and Anaphylaxsis
0  cards
Chapter 22: Toxicology
0  cards
Chapter 23: Behavioral Health Emergencies
0  cards
Chapter 24: Gynecologic Health Emergencies
0  cards
Chapter 25: Trauma Overview
0  cards
Chapter 26: Bleeding
0  cards
Chapter 27: Soft-Tissue Injuries
0  cards
Chapter 28: Face and Neck Injuries
0  cards

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