*endocinology - thyroid gland

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What is the most common cause of ...,
Name 4 causes of hyperthyroidism,
Clinical features general
8  cards
hyperthyroidism - Mx
Ix results of tfts,
Ix imaging,
Thyroid scintigraphy results of g...
8  cards
grave's disease
What is graves disease,
What is the triad of graves disease,
Describe diffuse goiter
4  cards
grave's disease - mx
Ix result of tfts,
Ix which antibodies are present,
Ix choice of imagineg and what is...
7  cards
toxic multi nodular goitre
What is a toxic multinodular goiter,
Ix tft results,
What does thyroid scintigraphy show
3  cards
subacute (De Quervain's) thyroiditis
What is subacute thyroidits,
Which viruses may cause de querva...,
Clinical features
9  cards
thyroid storm
Name 3 factors which may percipitate,
Describe the presentation of thyr...,
Step 1 mx
7  cards
What is hypothyroidism,
Name 3 causes of primary hypothyr...,
Name a cause of secondary hypothy...
15  cards
hashimoto's thyroiditis
What is hashimoto thyroiditis,
What other conditions is it assoc...,
What are the main clinical features
9  cards
myxedema coma
How does myxodema coma present,
What percipitates myxodema coma,
Step 1 which initial ix must be c...
6  cards
thyroid swellings
What are thyroid nodules,
Which thyroid nodules are benign,
Which initial tests must be carri...
5  cards
follicular adenoma
What is the epidemiology of folli...,
Clinical features,
4  cards
toxic adenoma
Pathophysiology of toxic adenoma,
Clinical features of toxic adenoma,
6  cards
toxic multinodular goiter
What are toxic multinodular goiters,
Clinical features,
4  cards
thyroid cysts
What are thyroid cysts,
3  cards
thyroid cancer - papillary
Papillary thyroid carcinoma epide...,
Papillary thyroid carcinoma histo...,
Papillary thyroid carcinoma clini...
4  cards
thyroid cancer - follicular
Follicular epidemiology,
Follicular clinical features,
Follicular prognosis
4  cards
anaplastic thyroid cancer
Anaplastic epidemiology,
Anaplastic histology,
Anaplastic clinical features
5  cards
medullary carcinoma
Medullary differentiation,
Medullary histology,
Medullary etiology
5  cards
thyroid cancer mx
Clinical features thyroid ca,
Which lab tests should be carried...,
Which imaging should be done
7  cards

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*endocinology - thyroid gland

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