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Mr Birling Quotes
Birling talking about community a...,
Birling talking about getting in ...,
Him talking about his positions i...
7  cards
Inspector Calls Quotes Week 3
Birling talking about what he has...,
Talking about the working class a...,
Talking down to sheila about the ...
7  cards
Sheila Quotes
Talking to mr birling about his s...,
Talking about somebody sending he...,
Her talking about eva smith and a...
7  cards
A Christmas Carol Quotes
Quote describing scrooge s role w...,
Quote describing scrooge s person...,
Quote describing scrooge s lonliness
36  cards
Macbeth Quotes Week 1
Quote when the witches talk about...,
Witches quote about who they will...,
Famous paradox by the witches
10  cards
Macbeth Quotes Week 2
Rhyming couplet from duncan talki...,
Quote simililar to when the battl...,
Macbeth s first lines similar to ...
12  cards
Macbeth Quotes Week 3
Quote from duncan calling macbeth...,
Macbeth saying that doing the thi...,
Aside from macbeth talking about ...
12  cards
Macbeth Quotes Week 4
Macbeth talking about how if it s...,
Macbeth quotes talking about doin...,
Quote from macbeth about a cup be...
6  cards
Macbeth Quotes Week 5
Lady macbeth quote talking about ...,
Macbeth saying he is a man and if...,
Lady macbeth questioning macbeth ...
6  cards
Macbeth Quotes Week 6
Quote from macbeth talking about ...,
Macbeth hearing a bell and talkin...,
Quote from lady macbeth talking a...
9  cards
English Language Ambitious Words/Punctuation
Synonyms for bad,
Synonyms for happy,
Synonyms for sad
17  cards
English Language Devices
Pathetic fallacy,
Metaphor definition
39  cards
Macbeth Quotes Later On In Play
Quote showing macbeth s jealousy ...,
Quote showing how macbeth sleeps,
Quote showing how macbeth s mind is
16  cards
Remains Key Quotes
The volta in the poem remains,
Colloquial language examples in r...,
Almost humourous language using b...
11  cards
Checking Out Me History Quotes
First lines of checkin out me his...,
Quote from checkin out me history...,
Almost humerous way of dissmissin...
9  cards
Charge Of The Light Brigade Quotes
Quote talking about the soldiers ...,
Quote talking about soldiers ridi...,
Rhyming triplet after the soldier...
10  cards
The Prelude Quotes
Opening line of the prelude,
Quote from prelude showing what h...,
Multiple lines showing the boat m...
14  cards
Quote from ozymandias opening the...,
Quote talking about size but also...,
Quote from ozymandias talking abo...
9  cards
London Quotes
Quote from london about the physi...,
Quote from london showing crying ...,
Quote showing people not being ab...
8  cards
War Photographer Quote
Paradox in war photographer showi...,
Quote from war photographer inclu...,
Quote from war photographer showi...
10  cards
Exposure Quotes
Opening line of exposure shows na...,
Disturbing imagery in exposure ta...,
Quote from exposure showing how t...
13  cards
An Inspector Calls Quotes
Mrs birling talking about how is ...,
Quote from gerald showing the pat...,
Quote from inspector showing resp...
43  cards
My Last Duchess Quotes
Opening two lines of poem creatin...,
Quote showing the duke talking to...,
Quote showing the duke has full c...
13  cards
Merchant Of Venice
3000 ducats in return,
Shlyock states the flesh will,
If bassanio loses the ring
75  cards
Storm On The Island
Opening of storm on the island sh...,
Quote showing trees sound in a st...,
Quote showing the sea being relat...
8  cards
Quote from kamikaze to start,
Quote from kamikaze showing him u...,
Similie in kamikaze that shows ce...
12  cards
Bayonet Charge
Start of bayonet charge,
Quote showing sounds of bullets i...,
Quote from bayonet charge showing...
8  cards
Christmas Carol Context
Historical context,
Dickens and christmas
10  cards
Opening of tissue,
Gentle loving verbs in tissue syn...,
Quote in tissue showing temporary...
10  cards
The Emigree Quotes
Emigree context,
Quote showing the person in emigr...,
Quote from emigree showing how th...
9  cards
Christmas Carol (MK)
Fezziwig praise,
Fezziwig christmas,
Fezziwig light
66  cards
An Inspector Calls (MK)
Inspector presentation,
Inspector massiveness,
Insepctor happened
71  cards

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