english 4th form

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Conjunctive Adverbs
4  cards
Form Structure And Language BBC BITESIZE IC Part 1
Name 5 things that you may need t...,
Why does priestley makes his dial...,
What is structure
9  cards
Form,Structure And Language BBC BITESIZE IC Part 2
What is a morality play,
What is the effect of a morality ...,
What is a crime thriller
4  cards
Easy As Gcse IS Key Quotes And Stage Directions EF
Community and all that nonsense a...,
He creates at once an impression ...,
It s my duty do keep labour costs...
4  cards
Mr Everything English Language Devices
Extended metaphor,
10  cards
First Rate Tutors Ambitious Words
8  cards
First Rate Tutors Common Mistakes
Stop using basic what,
Dont forget to mention what,
Don t describe what
4  cards
First Rate Tutors Clever Analytic Words And Mistakes
Don t say this means say what,
Stop saying this suggests say what,
Don t say this implies say what
3  cards
First Rate Tutors Context Points AIC
Was priestley a socialist or capi...,
Women had a lack of what in 1912,
What did the edwardian era have
6  cards
What does mean,
What does mean,
What are
8  cards
Mr Everything English Context Points AIC
What does patriarchy mean,
How were women treated in patriar...,
What is capitalism patriarchy
6  cards
Mr Everything English Structural Devices
What is zoom in,
What is zoom out,
What is change in tone as a struc...
10  cards
Of Mice And Men Character Analysis
What are george milton s key feat...,
What are lennie small s key features,
3  cards

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