english language paper 2

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language and occupation
What is a community of practice,
What three strands did lave and w...,
What is a discourse community
13  cards
historical change of language
How did angles saxons and jutes b...,
Give examples of words brought in...,
How did the vikings bring lexical...
32  cards
language change features
Lexical innovation,
17  cards
theories of language change
What did david crystal,
Explain potential in the change f...,
Explain implementation in the cha...
14  cards
prescriptivism and descriptivism
What are the features of prescrip...,
Who was jonathon swift and what d...,
What was swifts aim
20  cards
political correctness
How does the prefix dis show prej...,
What is semantic derogation example,
How do titles show prejudice example
16  cards
How does technology change discourse,
How does technology change gramma...,
How does technology change grapho...
6  cards
language and gender
What is marked terms,
What is sexist language,
What is a feminising suffix
28  cards
key and advanced terms for social groups
Social group,
Social class,
Social mobility
27  cards
social class
What did bernsteins 1971 study in...,
What did bernstein find in his 19...,
What is restricted code
10  cards
What are some features that teena...,
Why do teens use the features fou...,
What did de clerk find
6  cards
British accents and dialects
What is lanaguage,
What are varieties of language,
In what three ways are varieties ...
58  cards
Multicultural London English
What is mle,
Why are linguists interested in mle,
When and where was mle first used
10  cards
Global English
What does world englishes refer to,
How do the different englishes of...,
Criticism of world englishes
38  cards

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english language paper 2

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