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Key quotes - TTOTS
For i am he born to tame you kate...,
From a wild kate to a kate comfor...,
You will be my wife your dowry gr...
66  cards
TTOTS - critical quotes
Shakespeare s heroines are if any...,
6  cards
Key quotes TIOBE
If i am occasionally a little ove...,
In matters of grave importance st...,
I do not approve of anything that...
37  cards
TIOBE - critical quotes
Eric bentley,
Richard aldington,
Katherine worth
6  cards
Past paper essay plans - Comedy
By the end of comedic texts the c...,
Comedic texts are light hearted t...,
Male characters in comedic litera...
18  cards
TTOTS - context
A merry jest of shrewd and curst ...,
During reign of elizabeth 1st eng...,
Commedia dell arte
4  cards
TIOBE - context
Wilde s philosphy,
Fairy tales for social reform,
Three essays in collection intent...
7  cards
A doll's house quotes
Nora just like a woman seriously ...,
I would never dream of doing anyt...,
It was tremendous fun all the sam...
61  cards
A doll's house - context and critical quotes
Ibsen notes for a modern tragedy ...,
At time of writing genesis ibsen ...,
How successful
54  cards
Blake quotes
A chapel was built in the midst w...,
The gates of this chapel were shu...,
And priests in black gowns were w...
16  cards
Blake - context and critical
0  cards
language - TIOBE
What is an epigram and how are ep...,
How is lyricism used in dialogue,
How is language used as a weapon
3  cards
tam o shanter
0  cards
The kite runner
My body was broken just how badly...
1  cards

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