english literature: hamlet

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character critics: hamlet
Josipovici 2016 hamlet is a merge,
Van goethe 1796 all duties seem,
Nietzsche 1872 hamlet speaks more
5  cards
character critics: claudius
Atlick 1959 the cunning,
Granville barker 1930 we have in ...,
Schofield 1984 he has the persuas...
7  cards
character critics: gertrude
Drake 1699 wonderfully punished,
Ts elliot 1921 arouses in hamlet,
Montgomery 2009 thoroughly developed
10  cards
character critics: ophelia
Stanton only in death,
Royle normal sexual passions,
Reinhardt ophelia is only a
6  cards
character critics: old hamlet
Bradley 1904 to consider the ghost,
Alexander the nature of the ghost,
Gw knight 1930 if the spirit had ...
6  cards
charcter critics: polonius
Grebainer nothing is left,
Hartwig a machiavellian schemer,
Smith trained his daughter
7  cards
character critics: horatio
Bloom without horatio we are,
Bloom actually we are horatio,
James horatio is one who
4  cards
character critics: laertes
Gw knight 1930 laertes becomes a ...,
Mercer his family is addicted,
Goddard hamlet descends
3  cards
theme critics: corruption
Showalter 1985 ophelia might conf...,
Showalter 1985 she stands for sexual,
Gurr 1978 the only intractable pr...
4  cards
theme critics: delay
George stevens 1778 no writer on ...,
Phillip edwards 1985 the only per...,
Ulrici 1839 regard for the
3  cards
theme critics: hamlet’s melancholy
Mackenzie an idea of the deepest,
Gurr 1978 the only intractable pr...,
Wells 1880s his wit has both
4  cards
theme critics: loyalty & trust
Dowden 1899 noteworthy for grave,
Kitteredge the whole course,
Das pragati 2012 hamlet develops a
3  cards
theme critics: parenting
Hartwig 1960 a machiavellian schemer,
Smith 1960 trained his daughter,
Ralph hamlet clearly idolises
4  cards
theme critics: revenge
Chan laertes virtually,
Hall 1869 laertes is a,
Gurr 1978 the only intractable
4  cards
theme critics: women
Emi hamana 1997 ophelia suffers a,
Das pragati 2012 hamlet develops a,
Drake 1699 wonderfully punished in
3  cards
hamlet: critical interpretations
Garrick 1763,
Kemble 1783,
Olivier 1948
8  cards

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english literature: hamlet

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