english revolution 1625 - 1660

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The strengths and divisions of Parliamentary opposition
What did the majority of the comm...,
Implication of unity in purpose,
What was strafford accused of
12  cards
Irish Rebellion October 1641
Why was ireland a problem for the...,
Which decision made by charles i ...,
How was the irish rebellion viewe...
10  cards
The origin of the English Civil War Part 1
The significance of charles i s m...,
Suspicions arising on religion fr...,
Madrid wooing 1623 1624
41  cards
An experiment in Absolutism Part 2
The link between the policy of th...,
The kings right to dissolve parli...,
What was the aim of the use of pr...
34  cards
Opposition in Scotland and Ireland during the Personal Rule
Scotland and how charles ignored it,
Causes of opposition in scotland ...,
Causes of opposition in scotland ...
11  cards
The First and Second Bishops' War and the Short Parliament
What was the result of the first ...,
Why did charles lose the first bi...,
Why did charles lose the first bi...
8  cards
Pym and the development of parliamentary radicalism
What was pyms aim,
Views on the evil councillors,
What was the root and branch peti...
6  cards
Opposition in England during the Personal Rule
First writs for ship money,
Success of the ship money,
Turning point for the collection ...
7  cards
The strengths and weaknesses of Charles I
Strengthsthe advantage of kingship,
Strengths royal prerogative,
4  cards
The execution of Strafford and its consequence
What did others think about straf...,
When was the impeachment and trial,
How would strafford to be found g...
13  cards
First Civil War
Royalist strengths between 1642 a...,
Royalists strengths between 1642 ...,
Royalists strengths between 1642 ...
23  cards
The Solemn League and Covenant
Why did the treaty of oxford 1643...,
The implication of the battle of ...,
The fall of bristol july 1643
19  cards
Attempts to reach a settlement 1646
Demands in the newcastle proposit...,
What did the political presbyteri...,
Demands in the newcastle proposit...
19  cards
The Rump Parliament
Problem in establishing a governm...,
Removing royalism in england afte...,
Removing royalism in england afte...
37  cards
The Third Civl War and foreign poliy
The legitimacy in foreign monarchies,
Changes in the navy,
Success of the navy
12  cards
The Parliament of Saints
Success of the nominated assembly...,
Success of the nominated assembly...,
Failure of the nominated assembly...
19  cards
Cromwell's personality and approach to government
Approach to government reform the...,
Limits of religious toleration co...,
Limits of religious toleration na...
20  cards
Personal Rule or 11 years of tyranny
11 years of tyranny refuse to cal...,
11 years of tyranny exploiting fi...,
11 years of tyranny discussion of...
8  cards
Divisons in parliament
Presbyterian beliefs abolish epis...,
Who was the spokesperson of presb...,
Presbyterian beliefs settlement w...
24  cards
The Grand Remonstrance and arrest of Five Members 1641
When was the grand remonstrance,
The content of the grand remonstr...,
Who introduced the grand remonstr...
17  cards
The Second Civil War
When was the putney debates,
Illustration of the leveller infl...,
Who was involved in the putney de...
24  cards
The trial and execution of Charles
What was the result of the windso...,
When was the windsor prayer meeting,
Ireton petitioned for trial
17  cards
Cromwell, succession and the restoration
Whats wrong with the rule of the ...,
What was the humble petition base...,
What did the humble petition cons...
28  cards
Commonwealth in 1949
Why was the council of states cre...,
What was the make up of the counc...,
What was the limitation of the co...
4  cards
Military preparations for war
Raising armies initially,
Raising armies trained bands,
Charles raising armies welsh marches
15  cards

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english revolution 1625 - 1660

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