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What is epiglottitis,
Why is epiglottitis a life threat...,
Epiglottitis vs croup 3
13  cards
What is tonsillitis,
Differential diagnoses of tonsill...,
Epidemiology of tonsillitis 2
21  cards
Hearing Loss
What is conductive hearing loss,
What is sensorineural hearing loss,
What tests are used to investigat...
14  cards
Anatomy of the Ear
What are the 3 parts of the ear,
What are the 2 parts of the outer...,
What is the tympanic membrane
9  cards
Acute Otitis Media
What is otitis media,
Aetiology of bacterial otitis media,
Bacterial causes of otitis media
19  cards
What is a cholesteatoma,
Why can it predispose to signific...,
Risk factors of cholesteatoma 2
8  cards
Conditions of the Pinna and the External Auditory Canal - Otitis Externa
What is otitis externa,
Types of otitis externa,
Why is otitis externa also known ...
25  cards
Conditions of the Pinna and External Auditory Canal - Ear Wax
Physiology of cerumen,
Clinical features of impacted ear...,
Management of ear wax 3
4  cards
What is tinnitus,
Pathophysiology of tinnitus,
Aetiology of tinnitus
13  cards
What is vertigo,
Physiology of vestibular system 6,
Types of causes of vertigo 2
11  cards
Vertigo - Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
Pathophysiology of bppv,
Aetiology of bppv,
Clinical features of bppv 5
7  cards
Vertigo - Meniere's Disease
Pathophysiology of meniere s disease,
Clinical features of meniere s di...,
Hearing loss in meniere s disease 3
5  cards
Vertigo - Vestibular Neuronitis
What is acute vestibular neuronitis,
Anatomy of the inner ear,
Anatomy of the vestibular system 2
6  cards
Vertigo - Labyrinthitis
What is labyrinthitis,
Aetiology of labyrinthitis 2,
Clinical presentation of labyrint...
5  cards
What is epistaxis,
What is severe epistaxis 3,
Anatomy of nose vascular supply 3
12  cards
What is allergic rhinitis,
Pathophysiology of allergic rhinitis,
Clinical features of allergic rhi...
5  cards
Nasal Polyps
What are nasal polyps,
Associations of nasal polyps 5,
What is samter s triad
7  cards
What is sinusitis,
What is rhinosinusitis,
Types of sinusitis 2
17  cards
Nasal Injury & Foreign Bodies in Nose
Clinical presentation of organic ...,
Clinical presentation of inorgani...,
Clinical presentation of button b...
3  cards
Nasal Septal Haematoma
What is nasal septal haematoma,
Aetiology of nasal septal haematoma,
Clinical presentation of nasal se...
7  cards
Head and Neck Carcinoma
Pathophysiology of head and neck ...,
Sites of head and neck cancers,
Mode of spread of head and neck c...
16  cards
Neck Lumps - Branchial Cysts
What is a branchial cyst,
Aetiology of branchial cyst,
Clinical features of branchial cy...
6  cards
Neck Lumps - Thyroglossal Cyst
Aetiology of thyroglossal cyst 3,
Differential diagnosis of thyrogl...,
Clinical features of thyroglossal...
6  cards
Neck Lumps - Lipoma
What is a lipoma,
Clinical features of lipoma 4,
Features suggestive of malignant ...
4  cards
Airway Obstruction and Tracheostomy
Aetiology of airway compromise 7,
Simple airway manoeuvres 3,
Types of airway adjuncts 4
7  cards
Diseases of the Salivary Glands
Anatomy of the salivary glands 3,
Which glands are most associated ...,
Key features of pleomorphic tumou...
6  cards

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