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Family life
I m packing my backpack,
They have everything a person cou...,
A child is naturally proud of his...
140  cards
Right from the start,
In finland people trust that empl...,
There s nothing wrong with you
79  cards
Feelings & wellbeing
Have you had a fever,
You are safe even if you worry so...,
What kind of exercise do you do
126  cards
Introducing & describing yourself
His hair is red,
She s about to turn five,
Do you know how to use a computer
48  cards
Verb conjugation
Hakea to pick up get search,
25  cards
Past tenses
Did you see them,
How did the squirrel move,
You bought groceries
22  cards
The passive voice is used when the subject isn't specified. In spoken Finnish, the passive voice is also used for the 1st person plural (e.g. “me mennään“ = “we're going“).
7  cards
Active present participle
Condense the sentence below by us...,
Nainen joka siivoaa kuuntelee mus...,
Nainen joka siivoaa kuuntelee mus...
6  cards
Komparatiivi & superlatiivi
Form the comparative and superlat...,
Form the comparative and superlat...,
Form the comparative and superlat...
8  cards
Osata, voida, saada
Im allowed to drive a car because...,
I know how to drive a car i ve le...,
I m able to drive a car nothing i...
7  cards
I m just here for a visit,
I m going to work,
He went hunting fishing picking b...
21  cards
Interests & hobbies
This forest isn t exactly an ordi...,
In the forest she is at home,
Do you understand modern art
54  cards
Love & friendship
Pen pal,
Best friend
115  cards
Character & personality
199  cards
Travelling & making plans
I m going to stay with liisa in h...,
The plane is fast,
Walk straight for 50 metres
49  cards
Spending time with other children,
Preschool education,
Bulletin for guardians
22  cards
At the library
The library is for children young...,
From the library you can borrow b...,
For children there are easy books
32  cards
Views & opinions
In spite of everything,
I think it s great use minusta,
Unfortunately it s a problem all ...
49  cards
Finnish weather
Artificial snow on ski slopes,
Below zero freezing,
Black ice
125  cards
Shopping & dining out
Do you need help polite,
Do you want to try this on polite,
What would you like to order polite
19  cards
Integrating into Finnish society
I have been living in finland for...,
The voice of immigrants is not be...,
51  cards
Government & politics
12  cards
Finnish schools
Children and teenagers have compu...,
All children and teenagers must s...,
Pre primary education starts when...
75  cards
Food & beverages
Sparkling cider,
18  cards
Asking for & providing help
Can you manage,
I need some help,
Mum always helps me when i need help
19  cards
Praise & compliments
Absolutely gorgeous illustration,
I admire you,
Your smile is beautiful
13  cards
Spoken Finnish
Translate to spoken finnish i m q...,
Translate to spoken finnish i m q...,
Translate to spoken finnish i m q...
16  cards
Phrases from Social Media
It should be obvious that,
Everything went well,
This tweet has aged a bit badly
25  cards
How do you feel,
Let s learn the numbers,
Let s build the sampo miracle mac...
17  cards
Fun expressions
Tripped fallen down,
In a turmoil,
All mixed up
15  cards
Environmental responsibility
Lower the room temperature,
Use less warm water,
Energy consumption increases in t...
6  cards
Song lyrics
You were my spouse back then,
The silence is so perfectly quiet,
I wouldn t change a second
16  cards
Phrases from the Pirjo comedy series by YLE
35  cards
Let her children go
1  cards

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