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L6 Positive selection and dN/dS
Dn ds,
21  cards
L7 Human vs Chimps, McDonald Kreitman Test
Dn ds 1,
Dn ds comparisons between humans ...,
Organise genes by tissue they are...
7  cards
L8 Molecular Population Genetics 1
Measure of nucleotide diversity,
Frequency spectrum,
Pairwise comparison
17  cards
L9 Molecular Population Genetics 2
Factors affecting ld,
Extended ld
14  cards
L1 Phylogenetics
Linnean taxonomy,
34  cards
L2 Genomics
Tree of life based on rrna genes,
Organelle genomes,
Eukaryotes vs prokaryotes
23  cards
L3 Mutation and Mutation Rates
Neutral theory of evolution
18  cards
L4 ENCODE and Negative Selection
Encode project,
Encode over interpretation,
What is a function
15  cards
L5 The Molecular Clock
The molecular clock,
Hartl and clark equation
20  cards
L10 Population size and Structure
The rate of loss of neutral variants,
28  cards
L11 Polyploidy
C value paradox,
The fraction that is coding vs in...
41  cards
L12 Transposable Elements
Transposable elements,
Classes of transposable elements,
Ltr transposons
28  cards
L13 Kin Selection
Classifying social behaviours,
Altruism in nature,
Inclusive fitness
18  cards
L14 Kin Selection 2
Frequency dependent selection,
The two castes,
Darwin on social insects
21  cards
L16 Quantitative Genetics
Mendels principles of heredity,
Quantitative variation,
Genetic basis of continuous traits
15  cards
L17 Quantitative Genetics 2
For complex quantitative traits,
Level of relatedness,
Genetic covariance
21  cards
L18 QG Drift and Inbreeding
Extinction vortex,
Loss of genetic diversity,
Selection vs drift
15  cards
L19 Gene Mapping
Shotgun sequencing,
Genome sequence,
Single reference genome does not ...
18  cards
L20 Genetic Markers in Forensics
Short tandem repeat loci,
Strs in human disease,
Str mutation
8  cards
L21 Genetic Conflict
A genes eye view of evolution,
Meiotic drive,
Evolution of a meiotic drive that...
17  cards
L22 Genetic Conflict 2
Genomic imprinting,
Genomic imprinting have different...,
Genomic imprinting definitions
14  cards
L24 Genetics of Speciation
Gouldian finches,
Change in australian climate,
15 mya
19  cards
L25 QTL mapping in inbred populations
Quantitative trait loci mapping c...,
Two main sets of resources were d...,
Linkage mapping with a single marker
15  cards
L26 Association mapping in Outbred lines
Qtl mapping not ideal,
Association mapping,
Association mapping and recombina...
19  cards
L27 Ecological Genetics
Ecological genetics,
Biotic vs abiotic,
Ecological genetic focusses on ge...
11  cards
L28 Traits to Genes
Traditional trait analysis in eco...,
Examples of polymophisms,
Quantitative genetics
14  cards
L29 Quantitative traits to fitness
Gene environment interactions,
Crossing pattern,
Interactions among genes
10  cards
L30&31 Climatic adaptations and Plasticity
Plasticity vs evolution,
Plasticity in drosophila
18  cards
L32 Experimental Evidence for Natural Selection
Selectionist view,
Neutralist view,
Demonstrating neutrality
29  cards
Screening dgrp with imidacloprid,
Many genes contribute to resistan...
15  cards
L34 Conservation Genetics
Causes of extinction,
Extinction vortex,
The mountain pygmy possum
16  cards
L35 Evolution and Development
Linking genes to body plan,
Diversification of body plan 3 po...,
Key question
16  cards
L36 Evolution and Development 2
Regulatory change,
Structural gene mutations that ch...,
Distalless dii
5  cards

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