fess' flashcards: 3rd year

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Blackboard Abdominal EMQs
A 23 year old woman presents with...,
A 30 year old man presents with s...,
A 45 year old man presents with s...
113  cards
Blackboard Chest Pain EMQs
A 73 year old banker complains of...,
A 55 year old man is admitted to ...,
A 59 year old woman complains of ...
58  cards
Blackboard Infectious Diseases EMQs
A 16 year old woman presents with...,
Miss a who recently moved to the ...,
Three weeks following an illness ...
67  cards
VSA Formative Questions 2017
A 31 year old man has epigastric ...,
An 18 year old man has severe lef...,
A 25 year old female has painful ...
59  cards
Blackboard Mock Exam 2018
A 65 year old obese man presents ...,
A 30 year old woman presents with...,
A 75 year old male smoker present...
201  cards
Blackboard EMQs CVS
48 yr old man presents with centr...,
55 yr old man is taking increasin...,
60 yr old man with stable angina ...
80  cards
Blackboard EMQs Endo
An 19 year old girl wearing loose...,
A 78 year old gentleman with a 40...,
A 38 year old female complains of...
126  cards
Blackboard EMQs Neuro
A 30 year old man has been picked...,
A 75 year old woman has gradually...,
A 20 year old man is irritable co...
143  cards
Amir Sam DPD Lectures
Which artery supplies the inferio...,
Which artery supplies the lateral...,
Which artery supplies the anterio...
101  cards
MedEd/ Sofia Based SBAs
SBAs based on past questions and SOFIA objectives, with a lot of contributions from MedEd. This is the most useful deck.
242  cards
Blackboard EMQs Renal and Urology
A 30 year old man presents with a...,
A 25 year old presents with pyrex...,
A 64 year old man presents with a...
50  cards
Blackboard EMQs Respiratory
70 yr old retired boiler maker pr...,
25 yr old hiv positive man has a ...,
12 yr old boy has become increasi...
88  cards
Blackboard EMQs Haematology
A 62 year old woman with ra is ta...,
A 17 year old northern european c...,
A 32 year old pregnant west afric...
23  cards
Blackboard EMQs Mixed
An unconscious 35 year old man wh...,
A 55 year old man found collapsed...,
An 18 year old woman found uncons...
223  cards
Blackboard EMQs Breast
A 20 year old female finds a mass...,
A firm 2 to 3cm mass is palpable ...,
Breast carcinoma is diagnosed on ...
29  cards

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