fire: fire officer principles & practice

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Fire Officer Principles and Practice
What are the 4 major changes in a...,
What are james pages 3 recommenda...,
What is the system used by lafd t...
310  cards
Chapter 1
Nfpa for fire officer professiona...,
Nfpa 1021 defines how many levels...,
Fire officer i is generally assoc...
85  cards
Chapter 4
Verbal presentations consist of f...,
Preparing a news release three steps,
Social medial techniques
21  cards
3rd Edition Chapter 2 Preparing for Promotion
Also known as the patronage syste...,
What act was enacted by congress ...,
Attributes or qualities that can ...
32  cards
3rd Edition Chapter 3 Firefighters and the Fire Officer
Iafc description of a person who ...,
What are the 4 basic tasks that a...,
Fire officers should provide a pr...
23  cards
3rd Edition Chapter 6 Understanding People Management Concepts
The systematic pursuit of practic...,
Human resource management is buil...,
Who developed and put into place ...
37  cards
3rd Edition Chapter 7 Leading the Fire Company
Described by gary yukl as the pro...,
Leaders can be effective only to ...,
What s a five step approach to ma...
29  cards
3rd Edition Chapter 8 Training and Coaching
The process of achieving proficie...,
A method of directing instructing...,
Standard for fire service instruc...
33  cards
3rd Edition Chapter 9 Evaluation and Discipline
Intended to help the employee rec...,
Intended as punishment for unsati...,
What is considered the ultimate l...
10  cards
3rd Edition Chapter 10 Organized Labor and the Fire Officer
A negotiated legal agreement betw...,
The range scope and tasks of a fi...,
A less powerful form of written a...
14  cards
3rd Edition Chapter 11 Working in the Community
The characteristics of human popu...,
There are two levels of needs in ...,
A public safety education program...
10  cards
3rd Edition Chapter 12 Handling Problems, Conflicts, and Mistakes
The difference between a current ...,
Decisions should always be guided...,
Designed to identify and evaluate...
24  cards
3rd Edition Chapter 14 Budgeting
An itemized summary of estimated ...,
The income of an organization fro...,
The money spent for goods or serv...
13  cards
3rd Edition Chapter 15 Managing Incidents
What two programs provided the fo...,
Who developed fire ground command...
39  cards
3rd Edition Chapter 16 - Rules of Engagement
A type of structure that has wind...,
Rules of engagement for structura...,
Covering high risk operations in ...
23  cards
3rd Edition Chapter 17 - Fire Attack
Single family dwellings construct...,
Single family dwellings construct...,
What are the four factors that di...
41  cards
3rd Edition Chapter 18 - Fire Cause Determination
Standard for professional qualifi...,
What are the three methods of hea...,
This is not needed when fighting ...
12  cards
3rd Edition Chapter 19 Crew Resource Management
A behavioral approach to reducing...,
5 steps to create a safety culture,
According to dr james reason what...
36  cards
ASTNA Paient Transport Principles & Practice
The 1st civilian air ambulance se...,
The 1st recorded flight nurse and...,
An intense interest in resuscitat...
21  cards

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