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first aid 2018 usmle step 1 - tables/graphs/equations/mnemonics

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Early developmental milestones (Pg. 616)
0 12 months infant motor milestones,
0 12 months infant social milestones,
0 12 months infant verbal cogniti...
9  cards
Genetic disorders by chromosome (Pg. 64)
Disorders cr 3,
Disorders cr 4,
Disorders cr 5
15  cards
Bacterial taxonomy (Pg. 125)
Gram spherical coccus,
Gram spherical coccus,
Gram rod bacillus
9  cards
Special culture requirements (Pg. 123) - C
H influenzae media used for isola...,
N gonorrhoeae n meningitidis medi...,
B pertussis media used for isolat...
10  cards
Zoonotic bacteria (Pg. 144) - C
Anaplasma spp disease transmission,
Bartonella spp disease transmission,
Borrelia burgdorferi disease tran...
18  cards
Parasite hints (Pg. 157) - C
Association clonorchis sinensis,
Association taenia solium neurocy...,
Association schistosoma haematobium
9  cards
Common diseases of HIV-positive adults (Pg. 173) - C
Candida albicans cd presentation ...,
Ebv cd presentation findings,
Bartonella henselae cd presentati...
18  cards
Microbiology - Systems (Pg. 174-177) - C
Nl flora skin,
Nl flora nose,
Nl flora oropharynx
27  cards
HIV therapy (Pg. 199) - C
Protease inhibitors
5  cards
HLA subtypes ass w/ disease (Pg. 96) - C
Hla subtype a3,
Hla subtype b8,
Hla subtype b27
8  cards
Important cytokines (Pg. 104) - C
Important cytokines il 1,
Important cytokines il 1 2 3 4 6,
Important cytokines il 8
11  cards
Autoantibodies (Pg. 111) - C
Anti ach receptor,
Anti glomerular basement membrane,
Anti 2 glycoprotein
26  cards
Paraneoplastic syndromes (Pg. 217) - C (set default prompt)
Paraneoplastic hyperpigmented vel...,
Paraneoplastic sudden onset of mu...,
Paraneoplastic hypercalcemia
16  cards
Oncogenes (Pg. 218) - C
Oncogene alk product neoplasm,
Oncogene bcr abl product neoplasm,
Oncogene bcl 2 product neoplasm
12  cards
Tumor suppressor genes (Pg. 218) - C
Tsg apc product ass,
Tsg brca1 brca2 product ass,
Tsg cdkn2a product ass
15  cards
Oncogenic microbes (Pg. 219) - C
Oncogenic ebv,
Oncogenic hbv hcv,
Oncogenic hhv 8
8  cards
Carcinogens (Pg. 219) - C
Carcinogens aflatoxins aspergillus,
Carcinogens alkylating agents,
Carcinogens aromatic amines eg be...
12  cards
Serum tumor markers / Histo (Pg. 220) - C
Stm psamomma bodies,
Stm alkaline phosphatase ass ca n...,
Stm fetoprotein ass ca notes
11  cards
Specific toxicity treatments (Pg. 239) - C
Tox t t acetaminophen,
Tox t t ache inhibitors organopho...,
Tox t t antimuscarinic anticholin...
20  cards
Drug reactions (Pg. 239)
S e coronary vasospasm,
S e cutaneous flushing,
S e dilated cardiomyopathy
48  cards
Gastrointestinal regulatory substances (Pg. 356)
0  cards
Dermatologic macroscopic terms (morphology) (Pg. 447) --> Make duplicate then add images
Macule char ex,
Patch char ex,
Papule char ex
11  cards
Dermatologic microscopic terms (morphology) (Pg. 448) - C --> Make duplicate then ad images
Hyperkeratosis char ex,
Parakeratosis char ex,
Hypergranulosis char ex
6  cards
Hypothalamic regions (Pg. 466)
Hypothalamus lateral area action ...,
Hypothalamus ventromedial area ac...,
Hypothalamus anterior hypothalamu...
4  cards
Personality disorders (Pg. 535)
Cluster a personality disorders,
Cluster b personality disorders,
Cluster c personality disorders
3  cards
Preferred medications for selected psychiatric conditions (Pg. 542)
Doc adhd,
Doc alcohol withdrawal,
Doc bipolar disorder
9  cards
Teratogens (Pg. 582) - C
Teratogen ace inh,
Teratogen alkylating agents,
Teratogen aminoglycosides
20  cards
Embryologic derivatives (Pg. 581)
Embryologic derivative epidermis,
Embryologic derivative adenohypop...,
Embryologic derivative lens of eye
30  cards
Aortic Arch Derivatives (Pg. 586)
Aortic arch derivatives maxillary...,
Aortic arch derivatives stapedial...,
Aortic arch derivatives hyoid artery
9  cards
Branchial Arch Derivatives (Pg. 587)
Branchial arch derivatives maxilla,
Branchial arch derivatives zygoma...,
Branchial arch derivatives meckel...
36  cards
Male/Female genital homologs (Pg. 590)
Female homolog of glans penis dht,
Glans penis arises from,
Female homolog of corpus cavernos...
12  cards
Renal equations (Pg. 552-554)
Equation renal clearance,
Equation gfr,
Normal gfr value
15  cards
Notes to remember
Gap jxn proteins function,
Tight jxn proteins function,
Adherens jxn proteins function
5  cards
Casts in urine (Pg. 562)
What diseases have rbc casts,
What diseases have wbc casts,
What diseases have fatty casts ov...
6  cards
Nomenclature of glomerular disorders (Pg. 563)
Nomenclature renal focal char eg,
Nomenclature renal diffuse char eg,
Nomenclature renal proliferative ...
6  cards
Glomerular disease (Pg. 563)
Nephritic syndrome all eg,
Nephrotic syndrome all eg,
Nephritic nephrotic syndrome all eg
3  cards
Common brain lesions (Pg. 481)
Common brain lesions frontal lobe,
Common brain lesions frontal eye ...,
Common brain lesions paramedian p...
15  cards
Neurotransmitter synthesis locations (Pg. 465)
Nt synth acetylcholine,
Nt synth dopamine,
Nt synth gaba
5  cards
Hypothalamic nuclei (DIT)
Function anterior nucleus,
Function suprachiasmatic nucleus,
Function preopic area
11  cards
Common causes of pneumonia (Pg. 175) - C
Cc of pneumonia in neonates 4wks,
Cc of pneumonia in children 4 wk ...,
Cc of pneumonia in adults 18 40 yrs
13  cards
Common causes of meningitis (Pg. 176) - C
Cc of meningitis in newborn 0 6mo,
Cc of meningitis in children 6mo ...,
Cc of meningitis in 6 60yrs
10  cards
Osteomyelitis (Pg. 176) - C
Osteomyelitis in no other informa...,
Osteomyelitis in sexually active,
Osteomyelitis in sickle cell disease
7  cards
Common vaginal infections (Pg. 177) - C
S s labf t t of bacterial vaginosis,
S s labf t t of trichomonas vagin...,
S s labf t t of candida vulvovagi...
3  cards
Cytochrome P-450 interactions (Pg. 243) - C
Cyp450 inducers,
Cyp450 substrates,
Cyp450 inhibitors
3  cards
Sulfa Drugs (Pg. 243) - C
Sulfa drugs,
Sulfa drug allergy s s
2  cards
Renal equations (Pg. 552-554) COPY
Renal clearance,
Gfr equation,
Normal gfr
15  cards
Respiratory equations
Dead space equation
1  cards
Movement disorders (Pg.489)
10  cards
Resp mnemonics
Mnemonic rals
1  cards
Repro mnemonics
Mnemonic digeorge syndrome,
Mnemonic ejaculatory pathway,
Mnemonic physiologic adaptations ...
10  cards
Renal mnemonics
60 40 20 rule,
Mnemonic pda,
Mnemonic ace
25  cards
Psych mnemonics
Mnemonic infant deprivation,
Mnemonic aox3,
Mnemonic hypnagogic
19  cards
Neuro mnemonics
0  cards
Msk, S, CT mnemonics
0  cards
Heme/Onco mnemonics
0  cards
Gastro mnemonics
0  cards
Endo mnemonics
0  cards
Cardio mnemonics
Mnemonic cardiac tissue conductio...
1  cards
Public Health mnemonics
0  cards
Pharm mnemonics
0  cards
Path mnemonics
0  cards
Micro mnemonics
0  cards
Immuno mnemonics
0  cards
Biochem mnemonics
Lesch nyhan syndrome findings,
Base excision repair enzymes,
Stop codons
5  cards
Biochem equations/graphs
0  cards
Immuno equations/graphs
0  cards
Micro equations/graphs
0  cards
Path equations/graphs
0  cards
Pharm equations/graphs
0  cards
Public Health equations/graphs
0  cards
Cardio equations/graphs
0  cards
Endo equations/graphs
0  cards
GI equations/graphs
0  cards
Heme/Onco equations/graphs
0  cards
Msk, S, CT equations/graphs
0  cards
Neuro equations/graphs
0  cards
Psych equations/graphs
0  cards
Renal equations/graphs
0  cards
Repro equations/graphs
0  cards
Resp equations/graphs
0  cards
Gap jxn proteins function,
Tight jxn proteins function,
Adherens jxn proteins function
5  cards

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