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Adverse Weather
A runway is considered to be cont...,
When landings must be made on ver...,
At non talpa airports pilots will...
30  cards
To follow the flight director gui...,
Pressing vnav turns vnav on off i...,
Pressing the ap trim disc button ...
19  cards
Initialization of the acars can b...,
The divert page when completed wi...,
It is possible to obtain a max up...
19  cards
Air Management System
The buttons on the air cond pneum...,
The maximum altitude that the air...,
The apu can supply bleed air for ...
25  cards
Aircraft General
Live animals can be placed ___,
When the waist tank is full ___,
The erj 175 is equipped with ___
18  cards
The maximum altitude that the apu...,
The apu provides ___,
When powering down the airplane m...
9  cards
Basic Indoctrination Review
Aircraft are authorized to conduc...,
Where is the pic not authorized t...,
On the ground the coffee maker ci...
19  cards
Communication Skills
Prior to conducting a want brief ...,
What effect do loaded words have ...,
There is a need for the first off...
12  cards
Communications Equipment
On the mcdu radio frequencies can...,
It is possible to tune the radios...,
The radio frequencies are primari...
14  cards
Crewmember Emergency Training
Stress is a factor influencing a ...,
Time of useful consciousness at 3...,
The first step the pilot should t...
18  cards
Dispatch Release and Flight Planning
Which items are not required to b...,
What is the departure time for th...,
What is the planned flight time w...
9  cards
Electrical Systems
The idgs provide what type of ele...,
An engine can be started without ...,
Sources of ac power include
22  cards
Emergency Equipment
When inspecting the pbe the humid...,
When crew o2 is indicating cyan e...,
Halon fire extinguishers are used...
6  cards
Crossbleed starts require at leas...,
What is the first start attempt t...,
Attcs is required to be on for ta...
21  cards
Fire Protection Systems
If an apu fire is detected how lo...,
When must a fire detection system...,
How do we fight an annunciated fw...
8  cards
Flight Controls/Stall Protection
Yaw trim is automatically accompl...,
Stall protection is accomplished ...,
The ___ provides higher level fun...
15  cards
Flight Instruments
The fpa flight path angle shows ___,
Ils information can be displayed ...,
The aircraft is equipped with ___...
21  cards
Fuel Systems
When the crossfeed selector is se...,
What is the primary pump used to ...,
The erj 175 has two in wing fuel ...
15  cards
Hazardous Materials
Biological substances category b ...,
As a will carry airline skywest o...,
In the event of an in flight emer...
17  cards
High-Altitude Aerodynamics
At a constant kias as temperature...,
Critical mach number is reached w...,
The mach number at which there is...
20  cards
Hydraulic Systems
To check hydraulic reservoir temp...,
The primary hydraulic pumps for s...,
In system 3 ___ is the primary hy...
12  cards
Ice and Rain Protection Systems
When the buttons on the ice prote...,
The tail vertical and horizontal ...,
The wings leading edge slats are ...
11  cards
Jumpseat Procedures
What is required for the skywest ...,
What is the minimum required atti...,
Where is the authorized persons l...
10  cards
Landing Gear and Brakes
The landing gear electrical overr...,
The steering can be disconnected ...,
The landing gear and brakes are _...
15  cards
Navigation Equipment
The irs can align on the ground o...,
The fms determines airplane posit...,
Radar range and tilt are adjusted...
14  cards
Perform Pilot Monitoring Duties
Good monitoring and flight path m...,
When is the most applicable time ...,
When a deviation from intended pr...
10  cards
Problem Solving/Decision Making
Vital to solving the problem is c...,
While gathering data about a prob...,
After selecting a course of actio...
10  cards
Situational Awareness
What items can be used to recogni...,
What is the responsibility of the...,
Which items are key factors in av...
10  cards
Threat and Error Management Skills
A debrief is conducted for both a...,
What items are involved with flyi...,
Which items qualify as highly cri...
13  cards
Warning System
The aircraft is equipped with win...,
If the stick shaker is activated ...,
The takeoff configuration button ...
12  cards
Workload Management
What is the primary defense for r...,
During a visual approach on a 2 m...,
During periods of high workload t...
11  cards

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