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The functions of fat in the body ...,
The number of kilocalories from f...,
The recommended percentage of die...
33  cards
Proteins are built from simpler o...,
The element that is contained in ...,
Two types of protein in the body ...
31  cards
Digestion, Absorption, and Metabolism
The process of digestion involves...,
The rhythmic contractions of the ...,
An example of a gastric secretion is
29  cards
Energy Balance
A nutrient that does not provide ...,
Energy is lost from the body as a...,
The unit of measurement used to r...
30  cards
For a compound to be classified a...,
A vitamin that behaves more like ...,
The provitamin form of vitamin a ...
47  cards
Water Balance
The hormone that conserves body w...,
The two minerals that occur in th...,
A person with a high body water c...
30  cards
Nutrition during Pregnancy and Lactation
Nutritional needs during pregnanc...,
A pregnant womans energy needs mu...,
Daily kilocalorie needs during th...
30  cards
Nutrition in Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence
At birth the reflexes an infant h...,
Foods for infants should be prepa...,
The phase that shows the most err...
30  cards
Nutrition for Adults: The Early, Middle, and Later Years
Young adults are increasinglya in...,
The age range of 20 to 44 years i...,
The focus of health care for midd...
30  cards
Community Food Supply and Health
As a result of changing lifestyle...,
Farmers use pesticides toa increa...,
Farming methods that use natural ...
30  cards
Food Habits and Cultural Patterns
Food habits are least affected by...,
As a result of changing lifestyle...,
A new food or new advice about fo...
29  cards
Weight Management
When energy intake exceeds energy...,
Obesity generally means that a pe...,
The most important factor in dete...
31  cards
Nutrition and Physical Fitness
The body s carbohydrate energy re...,
A true statement not a myth is th...,
In prolonged exercise nutrient le...
29  cards
Nutrition Care
The person most responsible for n...,
The member of the health care tea...,
Methods used for nutrition assess...
30  cards
Gastrointestinal and Accessory Organ Problems
The lower esophageal sphincter mu...,
The term used to describe difficu...,
Many people who have gastroesopha...
37  cards
Coronary Heart Disease and Hypertension
The underlying pathologic process...,
The underlying pathologic process...,
An infarct in a major artery supp...
30  cards
Diabetes Mellitus
The primary organ involved in the...,
The factors that seem to play a r...,
Type 2 diabetes is most common in...
30  cards
Kidney Disease
The microscopic functional units ...,
The structure responsible for fil...,
Disease conditions that can inter...
32  cards
Surgery and Nutrition Support
The most common nutrition deficie...,
Before general surgery nothing is...,
Protein is especially needed in t...
30  cards
Nutrition Support in Cancer and AIDS
Ordinarily the cell operates in a...,
Cancers that originate from epith...,
Factors associated with the devel...
31  cards

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