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Economics and Political Influences on Health
What economic factors are respons...,
What is health equity,
What does the health gradient inv...
9  cards
Environmental & Occupational Influences on Health
What is a hazard,
What is a risk,
What is a risk factor
37  cards
Introduction to Primary Care
What is the first point of contac...,
What are the 3 different aspects ...,
What is secondary care
23  cards
General Practice
What is general practice,
What are some personal qualities ...,
Who owns the practice or building...
82  cards
Medical Ethics
Four principles of medical ethics,
What does respect for autonomy mean,
What does non malfaseance mean
6  cards
Medicine in a Multicultural Society
What are some different examples ...,
What are examples of different re...,
What are examples of different la...
16  cards
Patient safety
What is an adverse event,
What is the model called that loo...,
What are the 3 factors scientists...
7  cards
Risk & Uncertainty
What are the aims of a gp consult...,
What model do consultations use,
What are the steps of the calgary...
37  cards
Long term conditions
What is patient centred care,
What are long term conditions,
What is incidence
31  cards
The Use of Data
Why is data gathered,
What does data about illness allo...,
What are guidelines such as sign ...
97  cards
Ageing Well or Not So Well
What is homeostatic reverse,
How does homeostatic reverse chan...,
Do diseases always present the sa...
62  cards
The Team Around the Patient
Gps play what role,
What does phct stand for,
Who does the traditional primary ...
49  cards
Sustainability, Resilience and Occupational Health
How does prevalence of depression...,
What are examples of mild to mode...,
What are different methods of sup...
30  cards
Health Inequalities
What is sociology,
What does medical sociology study,
What are some examples of applica...
34  cards
End of Life Care
What is care of the dying refered...,
What is the aim of end of life care,
What is the most common cause of ...
28  cards
Children and Health Promotion
What is health promotion,
What is health education,
What is health protection
31  cards
Realistic Medicine
What is the idea of realistic med...,
What are the 6 principles that re...,
To practice realistic medicine wh...
12  cards
FOPC notes
Define prevalence,
Define incidence,
List 5 actions the government cou...
27  cards
End of Life Care COPY
What is the most common cause of ...,
What is the emphasis of palliativ...,
Who provides palliative care
14  cards
Sustainability and Occupational Health
What are the domains of global su...,
What action can be taken against ...,
How can the nhs be more eco friendly
13  cards
Children's Health and Health Promotion
What is health promotion,
What are the theories of health p...,
What is the definition of health ...
14  cards
Realistic Medicine COPY
What kind of things are included ...,
What conditions do we most common...,
What is the consequence of over d...
5  cards
Inequality Seminar
What is sociology,
How does sociology come bear refe...,
What is the sick role of the patient
21  cards
Formative Practice
You are a gp in a practice in a d...,
Question 2 part 1 several differe...,
Question 2 part 2 when studying p...
20  cards
Case Study
What form of prevention would smo...,
What style of questioning does a ...,
Thinking of sustainability relati...
11  cards
General Practice COPY
How have gp practices changed ove...,
What are the benefits of online r...,
Give examples of the flexibility ...
16  cards
What is Health
What is the who definition of hea...,
What are the two kinds of normal,
What are two important interview ...
12  cards
Psychological influences on health
What are some of the leading caus...,
Give examples of ways we can be h...,
Give an example of a poor diet
13  cards
Environmental and occupational influences on health
What is a hazard,
What is a risk,
What is a risk factor
18  cards
Health Professional Roles
Which occupations are employed by...,
What is the role of a gp,
What is the role of the practice ...
12  cards
Risk Uncertainty and Problem Solving
What are the tasks of the consult...,
What are the tasks of the consult...,
What is meant by uncertainty
12  cards
Political and Economic Influences on health
What factors influence the qualit...,
What is a health policy
2  cards
Formative practice COPY
Aspects of lifestyle you may cove...,
Factors that allow proper guidanc...,
5 types of question which may be ...
24  cards
Year 2-Impact of Long Term Health Conditions
What is patient centred care,
What are care systems built around,
What are long term conditions
55  cards
Year 2-Evidence Based Medicine
What is evidence based medicine,
What is epidemiology,
What is clinical epidemiology
54  cards
Year 2-Ageing Well or Not So Well
What are demographics the study of,
What is demographic data,
How is demographic data presented
31  cards
The Team around the Patient COPY
What is primary care shaped by,
What is primary care,
What are the 3 parts that make up...
7  cards
Year 3- Children's health and health promotion
What does health promotion mean,
What can health be affected by,
What 3 aspects of health can heal...
41  cards
Year 3- Realistic Medicine
What does realistic medicine involve,
What is the citizens panel,
What do the citizens panel state ...
7  cards
Year 1- Health and GP
What is health,
What are 5 holistic views of health,
What affects a persons view of he...
22  cards
Year 1-Hazard and Risk
What is a hazard,
What is risk,
What is a risk factor
9  cards
Year 1-Political
What factors contribute to the wh...,
What does health include,
What does responsiveness include
9  cards
Year 1-Psychological Impacts on Health
What is the nice policy 1,
What is an example of nice policy 1,
What is the nice policy 2
13  cards
Year 3- Children's health and health promotion Quiz
What is health promotion,
What is health education,
What is primary prevention
7  cards
1y care management of common mental health disorders
How common is mental illness,
Impact of mental health on life e...,
Common patient complaints
73  cards

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