fundamentals of nursing

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Periods of nursing the four great...,
Prehistoric time christian era early,
11th century to 1836
68  cards
Nursing as an Art
This refers to the way in which i...,
This involves the internal sense ...,
This refers to is an individual s...
29  cards
Nursing as a profession
The person has no background expe...,
Perceives the situation as a whol...,
The nurse questions a doctor s or...
52  cards
Pre Test Phil. Nursing Act of 2002
The primary aim of the philippine...,
The philippine nursing act of 200...,
The composition of the board of n...
10  cards
Philippine Professional Nursing Road Map
A detailed plan to guideprogress ...,
A detailed plan to guideprogress ...,
The board of nursing has mandated...
12  cards
Heat and Cold Compress
Are often recommended to help rel...,
Can involve the use of a hot wate...,
A water bottle filled with cold w...
33  cards
Body Mechanics
Involves the coordinated effort o...,
The wider the base ofsupport,
The lower the center ofgravity
55  cards
Range of Motion
Is a basic technique done to pres...,
Is the term that is used to descr...,
Refers to activityaimed to improv...
18  cards
Basic Infection Control Handwashing
Is a fast acting antiseptic handr...,
Are chemicals appliedto the skin ...,
G is washing hands with soap and ...
21  cards
Basic Infection Control
Collective vegetation in a given ...,
Detectable alteration in normal t...,
Severity of disease degree of com...
52  cards
Donning the PPE
Refers to protective clothing hel...,
Type of exposure anticipated,
Factors influencingppe selection
24  cards
Admission Procedure in Nursing
Is defined as allowing a patient ...,
In that patient are admitted in a...,
In that patient are admitted for ...
3  cards
Hair Care: Bed Shampoo
Shampooing is a basic hygiene,
The appearance of _____ often ref...,
Hair reveals about your health re...
30  cards
Hair Care: Shaving
Why should the nurse wear gloves ...,
The nurse is preparing the client...,
The nurse is preparing a patient ...
17  cards
Nursing Process
Is a systematic and rational meth...,
The nursing process include,
Is the systematic and continuous ...
49  cards
Nursing Diagnosis
Human responses to actual or pote...,
Client problem that is present at...,
Relates to client s preparedness ...
3  cards
An oral or written exchange of in...,
A process in which information ab...,
Key elements for effective cos ha...
17  cards
Positioning and Draping
When performing vaginal examinati...,
This position is indicated for cy...,
This is a back lying position wit...
14  cards
Systematic rational method of pla...,
Intelligently 4 ways of knowing
85  cards
Oral written exchange of info b w...,
Documentation provides an accurat...,
Given to the next shift orally au...
34  cards
Head lice,
Brittle hair sign too much cortisol,
When cell damaging free radicalsi...
67  cards
Parenteral Injection
A common nursing procedure this m...,
Materials needed forparenteral ad...,
The most common type of syringes are
25  cards
Vital Signs
Are an objectivemeasurement of th...,
Include heart rate respiration br...,
E is thetemperature of the deep t...
50  cards
Vital Signs Pt. 2
A dry harshcough without secretions,
Is the percentage ofhemoglobin bi...,
Pumping action of the heart2 peri...
20  cards
Health and Illness and Levels of Care
As nurses we have to realize that...,
Is an important component of nurs...,
There are three 3 different level...
44  cards
Safety, Security and Privacy
Use approved car seat which shoul...,
Place children in back seats when...,
Do not allow children to run with...
22  cards
Hygiene and Comfort
Is the science and practice of ma...,
There are four main aspects for p...,
Care of the mouth teeth and gums ...
4  cards
True or false generally younger p...,
True or false women women have pr...,
Body fat since fat cells contain ...
23  cards
Teamwork, Partnership and Collaboration
Is the collaborative effort of a ...,
A state of being a partner andan ...,
A situation of two or more people...
10  cards
Leadership and Management
Sets the goals and transfers the ...,
Interact first with his followers...,
Leadership is an
21  cards
Post Mortem Care
Which can be provided in the home...,
Relaxation of the facial muscles ...,
Diminished sensation mottling and...
30  cards
Medicine Administation
Substance administered for the di...,
One or more drugs mixed with a co...,
Has a gelatinous container to hol...
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