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gcse aqa biology paper 1

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1.1 - Cell Structure
What is the definition of a cell,
What is the function of the cell ...,
What is the function of the nucleus
12  cards
1.2 - Cell Specialisation
What is the function of a sperm cell,
What are 5 adaptations of a sperm...,
What is the function of a nerve cell
14  cards
1.3 - Microscopy
Where do you mount a microscope s...,
How do light microscopes work,
What is magnification
20  cards
1.4 - Cell Division
Why do all multicellular organism...,
What are the 3 stages of the cell...,
What happens in the growth stage ...
21  cards
1.5 - Stem Cells
What are 2 key features of stem c...,
What are the 2 types of stem cell...,
Where are embryonic stem cells found
21  cards
1.6 - Cell Transport
What is the definition of diffusion,
What states can diffusion occur in,
What 3 molecules can diffuse into...
17  cards
2.1 - Principles of Organisation + Enzymes
What is the order of the differen...,
What is the definition of a tissue,
What is the definition of an organ
16  cards
2.2 - Biological Molecules
What are carbohydrates used for,
What are lipids used for,
What are proteins used for
24  cards
2.3 - The Digestive System
What is the role of digestion,
Where does digestion start,
What does the mouth do to aid dig...
18  cards
2.4 - Food Tests
How do you obtain a sample of food,
What is the food test for reducin...,
What is the method for benedict s...
14  cards
2.5 - Lungs & Gas Exchange
1  cards
2.6 - The Circulatory System
0  cards
2.7 - Disease & Cancer
What are a 4 examples of cardiova...,
What are 4 examples of treatments...,
What is coronary heart disease
13  cards
2.8 - Plant Cell Organisation
0  cards
3.1 - Communicable Disease
0  cards
3.2 - Immune System & Vaccination
0  cards
3.3 - Medicine
What are the two groups of medica...,
What was the first antibiotic dis...,
What do antibiotics do
23  cards
3.4 - Monoclonal Antibodies & Pregnancy Tests
0  cards
3.5 - Plant Diseases & Defence
0  cards
4.1 - Photosynthesis
0  cards
4.2 - Respiration & Exercise
0  cards
RP 1 - Using a Light Microscope
How do you prepare a microscope s...,
How do you observe a microscope s...,
Why should you stain sample cells
10  cards

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