gcse biology paper 1 (aqa)

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Chapter 1 - Cell Structure And Transport
What from the image in a typical ...,
The length of an onion cell in an...,
In which part of the cell is ener...
22  cards
Chapter 1 - Summary Questions
1mm contains 1000 m what is the o...,
Why do some cells have a large nu...,
What is the difference between di...
12  cards
Chapter 2 - Cell Division
What happens to the chromosomes d...,
A cell has nine pairs of chromoso...,
What is a meristem
8  cards
Chapter 2 - Summary Questions
Where are chromosomes found,
Name the chemical that forms a gene,
Which type of cell division produ...
12  cards
Chapter 3 - Organisation And The Digestive System
What is a tissue,
What is the function of muscular ...,
Name two glands in the digestive ...
14  cards
Chapter 3 - Summary Questions
Which two factors can alter the s...,
Name the two types of molecule th...,
Name the molecules that bond toge...
12  cards
Chapter 4 - Organising Animals And Plants
Give an example of a gas transpor...,
What is the function of platelets,
What is the difference in structu...
18  cards
Chapter 4 - Summary Questions
What prevents the backflow of blo...,
List the tissues found in a leaf,
What is the function of phloem
12  cards
Chapter 5 - Communicable Disease
What is a communicable disease,
Give an example of a type of dise...,
How do viruses make you feel ill
22  cards
Chapter 5 - Summary Questions
State three ways in which pathoge...,
Match each disease to the correct...,
Name the type of cell division ca...
11  cards
Chapter 6 - Preventing And Treating Disease
What is meant by vaccination,
How do antibodies recognise antigens,
Why is it not possible to treat v...
12  cards
Chapter 6 - Summary Questions
What does a vaccine contain,
A what is an antibiotic,
Name two drugs that are extracted...
12  cards
Chapter 7 - Non-Communicable Diseases
Name an environmental factor that...,
Why is tobacco smoke thought to b...,
What is a tumour
9  cards
Chapter 7 - Summary Questions
What are the main treatments for ...,
Give two examples of ionising rad...,
Why is carbon monoxide harmful
12  cards
Chapter 8 - Photosynthesis
Where does the energy for photosy...,
What is the function of the veins...,
Why does photosynthesis slow down...
8  cards
Chapter 8 - Summary Questions
Write the word equation for photo...,
Name the green pigment in plants ...,
Name three factors that affect th...
12  cards
Chapter 9 - Respiration
Where does aerobic respiration ta...,
Why is the energy needed to make ...,
Why do we not plan investigations...
8  cards
Chapter 9 - Summary Questions
Write the word equation for aerob...,
Where does aerobic respiration ta...,
Why do muscles respire
13  cards

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gcse biology paper 1 (aqa)

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