gcse german grammar

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Past tense ich ha__ du ha__ er si...,
Past tense with sein ich bi_ du b...,
The future i will ich wer__ du wi...
5  cards
Imperfect Tense
What is the imperfect of bleibe,
What is the imperfect tense of gene,
What is the imperfect tense of fahre
7  cards
Direct And Indirect Pronouns
What is the nomitive accusative a...,
What is the nomitive accusative a...,
What is the nomitive accusative a...
9  cards
Wann? Wenn? Als?
When is wann used,
When is wenn used,
When is als used
3  cards
Um... Zu
Um zu means,
What is the word order
2  cards
Modal Verbs
What are modal verbs,
Use them to say what you must do ...
2  cards
The Imperfect Tense
When is it used,
What is the present and imperfect...,
What is the present and imperfect...
17  cards
Top German Verbs
What is the infinitive and presen...,
What is the infinitive and presen...,
What is the infinitive and presen...
16  cards
Klein Aber Fein 1)
Other different,
Especially particularly
15  cards
Klein Aber Fein 2)
15  cards
Time Phrases 1)
On monday,
Every monday
11  cards
Time Phrases 2)
In the morning,
In the mornings,
In the evening
8  cards
Reflexive Verbs
Reflexive verbs describe ourselve...,
Ich dusche __ch du duschst __ch e...,
What goes at the end of the sentence
20  cards
The Case System
Nomitive subject masculine femini...,
Accusative object masculine femin...,
Dative after prepositions masculi...
8  cards
What do you have to add to the ad...,
8  cards
What do you add the adjective,
If there is a d s ss sch x or z a...,
No noun add
9  cards
Separable Verbs
We take the separable ___ and put...,
The clue to the meaning is in the...,
Where does the time phrase go
9  cards
Iregular Verbs
Ich lese du _____ er sie ____,
Ich fahre du _____ er sie ____,
Ich sehe du ____ er sie ____
3  cards
Relative Pronouns
The relative pronoun must agree i...,
2 verbs what happens,
Einen and
9  cards
Possessive Adjectives
Why are possessive adjectives used,
What is the possessive adjective ...,
What is the possessive adjective ...
13  cards
Adjectival Nouns
How do you transform an adjective...
1  cards
Sein Verbs
What are some example of sein ver...
1  cards
In front of,
On top
18  cards
What does als mean,
When is als used,
What happens to the verb with als
3  cards
Must Not/Don't Have To
I must i have to,
I dont have to,
I mustnt
3  cards

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