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Cold War Asia - Korea
Who controlled korea during world...,
What was the 38th parallel,
Which part did the ussr and usa o...
37  cards
Cold War Asia- Vietnam
Which european country had ruled ...,
What crucial decision was made ab...,
Who ruled in north vietnam
36  cards
Health and the People: 1000-1500 Medieval
When was the medieval period dates,
What key factors influenced healt...,
What were the main killers of the...
44  cards
Elizabeth I
Name elizabeth i parents,
Name her sister and brother,
Name 3 royal residences
32  cards
Germany 1: 1890-1918
Who ruled germany between 1890 an...,
When did several independent stat...,
What was the political structure ...
20  cards
Health and the People: 1500-1800 Early Modern
When was the early modern period,
What trends and factors were acti...,
What was the renaissance
37  cards
Health and the People: 1800-1900 C19th Changes
Who discovered the germ theory,
What was the infant mortality rat...,
What did robert koch do to bacter...
27  cards
Health and the People: 1900-2000 Modern Medicine
When did the liberal government c...,
Who is most associated with the d...,
Which event helped accelerate the...
25  cards
Germany 2: Weimar
What were the names of the 4 upri...,
What is the stab in the back myth,
What was the spartacist rebellion
43  cards
Germany 3: Rise to Power
Who were the ss and how did they ...,
What is censorship,
What was the hitler youth and how...
21  cards
Germany 4: Life in Nazi Germany
How was the church controlled by ...,
Kinder kuche kirche stood for,
When women gave up their jobs the...
28  cards

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