gcse history elizabeth

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Elizabeth 1
Who was elizabeth 1,
Who were elizabeth 1 parents
2  cards
How Mary Q.Scots was a threat
How was mary a threat to elizabeth,
How was mary a threat to elizabeth,
How was mary a threat to elizabeth
9  cards
Catholic response to Elizabeth’s compromise settlement
Attempted to counter reformation,
Attempted to counter reformation,
Attempted to counter reformation
8  cards
Elizabeth's Religious Settlement
What was the act of supremacy,
What was the act of uniformity,
What made protestants happy
10  cards
Elizabethan Age Of Discovery
What was the age of discovery,
Power of age of discovery,
Power of age of discovery
10  cards
How The Elizabethan Government Treat The Poor
How was the governments actions t...,
How were the poor categorised,
What else helped the poor
4  cards
Poverty In Elizabethan England
Idle or undeserving poor also kno...,
Impotent or deserving poor
10  cards
Elizabeth England Golden Age (Cult of Gloriana)
8  cards
Theaters During The Elizabethan Era
Positive of theatre no1,
Positive of theatre no2,
Positive of theatre no3
21  cards
Wealth During The Elizabethan Era
Great change of being,
Great change of being in order no1,
Great change of being in order no2
12  cards
Northern Rebellion
When was the northern rebellion,
Where was it,
Linked to which rising
22  cards
Elizabthes Court & Earl Of Essex (MARRIAGE)
How were courtiers selected,
Who were the courtiers,
How many courtiers worked and liv...
26  cards
Court And Parliament
What are the main functions of a ...,
What was discussed in parliament ...,
What was discussed in parliament ...
24  cards
The Puritan Threat
What is a puritan,
What did the puritans believe in,
What does predestination mean
18  cards
Religion Problems
How many times had the english re...,
What are some catholic features,
What are some protestant features
15  cards
The Spanish Armada
When was philip ll crowned,
How did philip ll stop protestant...,
What happened when philip ll trie...
21  cards
The Catholic Threat
Recusancy meaning,
What was mary queen of scots rela...,
When did mary queen of scots arri...
21  cards
Elizabeth Government
Who were the privy council elizabeth,
Three functions of privy council,
Why did elizabeth do royal progre...
16  cards
SWTO Of Elizabeth
Strength no1,
Strength no2,
Weakness no1
10  cards
Key Words/Definitions
6  cards

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