gcse history - germany 1918-1945

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Background Info (Germany After the War)
What happened to the dictator kai...,
Why were germany suffering from b...,
Why was the fact that there was a...
31  cards
The Weimar Republic and Opposition to It
Who was the new leader of the wei...,
What were eberts political views,
What were eberts first actions as...
30  cards
Key Terms
Rosa luxembourg,
Karl liebknecht
29  cards
What year was the reparation tota...,
How much was the total reparation,
What was the consequence of germa...
17  cards
Munich Putsch
Name 3 causes for the munich putsch,
What were the consequences of the...,
When was the munich putsch
19  cards
Gustav Stresemann
What was the dawes plan,
What was the new currency that st...,
What was the young plan
17  cards
The Wall Street Crash
When were the first signs of the ...,
What other signs were there that ...,
How many people did the crash lea...
9  cards
Economic to Political Crises
Who was the leader of the centre ...,
Who was the leader of the social ...,
What did the 2 governments and th...
14  cards
Evaluation of The Weimar Republic
Name 6 failures of the weimar rep...,
Ultimately was weimar republic a ...,
Name 6 successes of the weimar re...
3  cards
Nazi Party in The 1920's
When did the name of the nazi par...,
What is nazi short for,
Who were the sa
25  cards
How Did Hitler Come To Power?
Who quarrelled instead of uniting...,
What did weimar republic do to tr...,
What did the nazis blame many of ...
19  cards
The Reichstag Fire And The Enabling Act
What did people believe about the...,
Why did some people believe hitle...,
Why do people think the nazis wer...
9  cards
Hitlers Rise To Power
What were goebbels 2 main tasks,
Who did goebbels have to work with,
What did the ss and the gestapo d...
29  cards
The Nazi Police State
What were the ss s methods of con...,
What were the unit in the ss call...,
Who controlled the ss
19  cards
Nazi Control In Germany
How did nazi propaganda have an e...,
Who was heinrich himmler,
When were the first concentration...
44  cards
How Did Hitler Change The German Economy?
What were hitlers 2 main economic...,
Who was in charge of the german e...,
What did hjalmar schacht believe in
24  cards

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