gcse rs judaism

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1.1 - The Nature of God: God as One
What is the most basic principle ...,
What does monotheistic mean,
Is judaism a monotheistic religion
17  cards
1.2 The Nature of God: God as Creator
What words does the torah begin with,
What is established from the very...,
What does the book of genesis tel...
20  cards
1.3 The Nature of God: God as Lawgiver and Judge; the Divine Presence
What did god jews give to exercis...,
What were they originally inscrib...,
How many laws does the torah contain
13  cards
1.4 Life after Death, Judgement and Resurrection
What does judaism teach jews abou...,
What is considered to be a great ...,
What is the blessing that jews ma...
14  cards
1.5 The Nature and Role of the Messiah
What is the twelfth fundamental p...,
What does the word messiah mean,
What do the prophet samuel do in ...
13  cards
1.6 The Promised Land and the Covenant with Abraham
When and where was abraham born a...,
What did abraham believe,
What did abraham do with his family
13  cards
1.7 The Covenant at Sinai and the Ten Commandments
What happened to jews about 400 y...,
What did god tell moses to do,
What did god do when the pharaoh ...
12  cards
1.8 Key Moral Principles in Judaism
What do most jews see judaism as,
What is pursuing justice for jews,
How can justice be defined
13  cards
1.9 Sanctity of Life
For jews what does the sanctity o...,
What is life to be seen as and why,
What is the sanctity of life defi...
17  cards
1.10 Free Will and Mitzvot
What does the story of adam and e...,
What will choosing to act in a wa...,
What will using free will to do w...
14  cards
0  cards

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