general microbiology

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General Objectives
Define microbiology,
Differentiate major characteristi...,
Identify contributions to microbi...
23  cards
1. History & Diversity
What is microbiology,
Summarise the microbial world,
Describe history of microbiology
14  cards
Bacterial Cell Structure
Structures found in all bacterial...,
Capsule slime layer,
15  cards
Microbial Nutrients & Media Culture
What accounts for more than 95 dr...,
Besides c h o describe other esse...,
What are important co factors mac...
11  cards
Bacterial Transport & Secretion
Describe cell wall of gram bacteria,
How do substances get into microb...,
Passive diffusion
11  cards
Simple biconvex lens
12  cards
Quiz 1
80s ribosome is found in both euk...,
Which of following scenarios is,
21  cards
Control of Microbial Growth
23  cards
Bacterial Growth
The concept of cell growth,
Types of growth,
Binary fission
9  cards
The Growth Curve
The growth curve,
Lag phase,
Exponential log phase
11  cards
Chemotherapeutic drugs
Chemical agents for control ofmic...,
The development ofchemotherapy,
Anti microbial drugs
5  cards
Method 1,
Method 2 mic
5  cards
Modes Of Action Of Antibiotics
Modes of action of antibiotics,
Inhibitors of cell wall synthesis,
Inhibitors of protein synthesis
6  cards
How does resistance arise,
Spread of resistance genesantibio...,
Spread of resistance genesantibio...
8  cards
Environmental factors that influe...,
Microorganisms have distinctcardi...,
13  cards
Taxonomy & Classification
How do we classify microorganisms,
How do we name them,
Why is taxonomy important
12  cards
A bacterium containing ________ p...,
In a batch culture bacterial cult...,
Taq polymerase was isolated from ...
18  cards
Quiz 3
From the standpoint of the microo...,
Chemolithotrophs that obtain elec...,
Mannitol salt agar msa only allow...
20  cards
Quiz 4
Fungi __________have cell walls o...,
Fungi that can grow in a yeast or...,
Which of the following is not an ...
20  cards
Microbial cell structure and function
0  cards
3. Microbial Metabolism
0  cards
4. Molecular Microbiology
0  cards
5. Microbial growth & Control
0  cards
6. Microbiology Genomics
0  cards
7. Metabolic Regulation
0  cards
8. Viruses & Virology
A virus particle is made up of __...,
The protein shell surrounding the...,
In the laboratory animal viruses ...
15  cards
10. Genetics of Bacteria & Archaea
0  cards
11. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology
0  cards
12. Microbial Evolution & Systematifcs
0  cards
13. metabolic Diversity of MO
What are the light harvesting str...,
During photosynthesis what causes...,
How is oxygen generated during ox...
28  cards
14. Functional Diversity og Bacteria
0  cards
15. Diversity of Bacteria
0  cards
302 Q
Mannitol salt agar msa only allow...,
Which of the following forms of b...,
Which of the following characteri...
115  cards
Quiz P2
An operon is a useful genetic ele...,
Proofreading of newly synthesized...,
Hich of the following is formed o...
66  cards
Quiz P3
The growth of viruses in a cultur...,
When a virus enters a host cell i...,
Viral replication occursviral rep...
113  cards

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