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Statistical tests
What is the purpose of standard d...,
What is the purpose of a spearman...,
What is the purpose of a location...
14  cards
1.1 - Locations at risk from tectonic hazards
What is a hazard,
What is the global distribution o...,
What is the global distribution o...
51  cards
1.2 - Tectonic hazards & disaster
What is a natural hazard,
What is a natural disaster,
What is a natural disaster
48  cards
1.3 - management of tectonic hazards and disaster
What do the overall longer term n...,
Name 5 reasons why disaster stati...,
Name 3 key characteristics of tec...
44  cards
Chile 2010 Earthquake - tectonic hazards
When did the earthquake take place,
What was the magnitude,
13  cards
Haiti 2010 earthquake - tectonic hazards
When did the earthquake occur,
What was the magnitude of the ear...,
11  cards
Coastal Landscapes
What are the zones that the litto...,
What is the backshore zone found ...,
What is the foreshore zone found ...
108  cards
Coastal Landscapes
What is the littoral zone,
What is dynamic frequency,
Name the 3 ways coasts are classi...
39  cards
Coastal Landscapes- waves, landforms, trasnport
How are waves created,
What is wavelength,
What is wave frequency
71  cards
Managing risks and conflicts
Definition of hard engineering,
Name 2 disadvantages of hard engi...,
Definition of soft engineering
67  cards
hunan activity and coastal recession
Name 2 geological factors affecti...,
Name 2 marine factors affecting c...,
How can human activity increase r...
15  cards
Coastal risks
Name 3 factors effecting sea leve...,
Definition of isostatic change,
Definition of eustatic change
15  cards
Coastal landscapes and systems
What are the zones that the litto...,
What is the backshore zone found ...,
What is the foreshore zone found ...
30  cards
Geology and the coast
Definition of strata,
Definition of bedding planes hori...,
Definition of joints vertical cracks
68  cards
Sea level change
Name 3 factors effecting sea leve...,
Definition of isostatic change,
Definition of eustatic change
57  cards
Lanforms and landscapes
How are waves crated,
What effects the size of the wave,
What is the wave fetch
15  cards
Sea level change
Name 3 factors effecting sea leve...,
Definition of isostatic change,
Definition of eustatic change
33  cards
Intergrated Coastal Management
What does coastal management incr...,
What is integrated coastal zone m...,
Name the 3 key characteristics of...
20  cards
Holderness Coastline - Coasts
How quickly does the holderness c...,
What are the 4 causes of the hold...,
Name 4 hard engineering strategie...
15  cards
The Water Cycle
What type of system is the hydrol...,
What is a closed system,
What is the hydrological cycle
54  cards
Water Cycle 2
Explain the importance of the int...,
How does the itcz cause heavy rai...,
What is the itcz
80  cards
5.1 - The operation and importance of the hydrological cycle
What type of system is the hydrol...,
What is the global hydrological c...,
What is a store
71  cards
5.2- short & long-term variations in the hydrological cycle
What are the four types of drought,
What is meteorological drought an...,
What is hydrological drought and ...
36  cards
5.3 - water security
What are players,
What percentage of water is usabl...,
What is peak water
55  cards
The carbon cycle
Name the 4 stores carbon is prese...,
What is the carbon cycle,
What are fluxes
45  cards
6.1 - The carbon cycle and planetary health
What is the carbon cycle,
What are the main carbon stores,
When is the carbon cycle balanced
62  cards
6.2- Consequences of the increasing demand for energy
What is energy security,
What is long term energy security,
What is short term energy security
73  cards
6.3 - human threats to the global climate systems
What is land conversion,
Thretas to the water an carbon cycle,
How is deforestation a threat to ...
3  cards
Diverse Places
What is the rural urban continuum,
What is population density,
Describe how the population has c...
110  cards
How population characteristics vary
Definition of cultural diversity,
Definition of ethnic enclave,
Definition of social clustering
9  cards
What is globalisation,
Explain economic globalisation,
Explain the effect of the shrinki...
70  cards
Diverse places - 2
What is management,
What can management be assed using,
What is an issue
3  cards
Geographical impacts of globalisation
Definition of cultural traits,
Definition of cultural imperialism,
Definition of soft power
4  cards
What is water security,
Name the 3 sources of water,
What is groundwater
19  cards
What is a superpower,
What is a hyperpower,
Name the 5 pillars of superpower ...
34  cards
globalisation 2
Name the 5 flows of movement,
What is a gross domestic product,
What are emerging economies
63  cards
Name 3 reasons as to why there is...,
Physical distrubution,
Gaps between rising demand dimins...
8  cards
Give examples of water management...,
What do water transfer schemes in...,
Give an example of a water transf...
23  cards
Superpower impacts
What are inter govermental organi...,
What is free market capitilisatism,
What is centrally planned economy
12  cards
Superpowers 2
Name 3 things the un has internat...
1  cards
6.3 Atmospheric Carbon
What is the greenhouse effect,
Why is the carbon cycle so essent...,
Explain the greenhouse effect
13  cards
Name 4 global climate predictions,
What is positive feedback,
What is negative feedback
7  cards
What is energy secuirty,
Energy secuirty,
Name the 3 factors that the risin...
10  cards
Southall is a neighbourhood in lo...
1  cards
1  cards
Benefits of living in cornwall be...
1  cards
Lincolnshire, Boston
Lincoln boston
1  cards
Canary Wharf
0  cards
Pepys Estate
0  cards
The Maldives - Coasts
0  cards
The Amazon Rainforest - Water Cycle
0  cards
0  cards
Norway case study - carbon
0  cards
0  cards
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